Pepper&Carrot self-published comics books in English version are now available!
Get your own copies on:

@charly Non, celle ci existe déjà depuis 2016 édité par Glénat et leur qualité est également très bonne pour un prix plus faible grâce à leur gros volume de tirage et leur énorme distribution. C'est à environ 10€ si ça n'a pas changé depuis. Il y a déjà les trois tomes de publiés et Glénat participe très bien à la création des nouveaux épisodes pour le moment. Seul exclu Anglaise à la boutique: le Artbook; une création de cet été. 🙂

@davidrevoy Bravo ! 🎉
Et super chouette cette nouvelle version du site 😃

@davidrevoy Awesome! Are you planing selling/making translated versions?

@der_On I would love to, but my experience on the English books made me realize the month of work and investment necessary to make a good book. So, it's not something I can budget for sure on the short term.

If a language gather a community and crowdfund a big month of work and around 100€ additional for print-proof; I can probably manage that maybe, but that give you an idea of the work to do per new lang.

@davidrevoy yes. I was following your process and imagined that this would become just to much of work. I wanted to have one to read out for my kids, but then I will translate on the fly instead. 🐱 🙋‍♀️

@davidrevoy book arrived (1st episode) and the kids really like it. It's quite challenging to translate it on the fly but also good practise.

@der_On Oh good news! You are the first receiving the books since the launch. 👍 I'm glad Drivethrucomics was quick to print and ship. 9 days in total since 15 (assuming you bought it on release), not bad!

@davidrevoy For sure I will buy this piece of Free Software Art, although I regret having to register to the shop platform (or I miss something?).

@marcelcosta Thank you, yes it is a sort of Shop CMS from the 2000 heavily modified they have. You need to get a profile to access later your profil and track the shipping of your product, that type of things. I'm sure you can create a temporary account and delete it once you received the books as for any online shops. At least this one has not a lot of Js, and works with uBlock origin and Firefox built-in protection. :)

@davidrevoy Coming from you, I asume it was the best option. I was just complaining on giving so much data (in general).

Thank you for your fantastic work!


I LOVE this series, but have fallen behind with the webcomic.

Time to catch-up!

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