@davidrevoy Great decision! Will dig into the repo and do a test run for german.


@der_On Thank you! give it 2 or 3 days, I'll get a proper README that will avoid many waste of time. 🙂 (Unless you like trial and error process to guess what dependencies is missing) 😅

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@davidrevoy @der_On Using trial an error to find dependencies is my journey with self-compiling any program already :blobcatcoffee:

@davidrevoy Sure. I will try to dockerize it. That will ease things for me and others.

@der_On Oh nice! I don't know a lot docker but I see you added info on the README to use it --> Ping @valvin

So, I suppose it ease a lot the install and download of all sources?

@davidrevoy @valvin Yes. It creates a virtual ubuntu 20.04 in a container, downloads and installs all dependencies runs the download.sh and then destroys the container. At least that is the goal.

@der_On i never tested running UI software inside docker. Is it your goal? By the way I like the idea to simplify the initialization / update of repository. Does files get good rights permission using this process? @davidrevoy

@valvin @davidrevoy Running UI software that has a CLI in docker is mostly working. You can even stream out a graphical interface out of docker. In my setup docker mounts the working directory inside the container, and does this as the user inside the container, which mostly is UID 1000 and should work for most single user Linux installs.

@der_On I mention UI because I think scribus has no cli to generate pdf files contrary to inkscape for example. So in the docker process we can have :

* init / update repository (download + conversion)
* i'm not sure of the ending process but there is the merge of PDF.


@valvin @davidrevoy Yes. That is true. Scribus still needs to be installed and used on the host system outside of docker.

@davidrevoy @valvin I bow in front of your bash skills. I would never ever get something as complex done in bash. I would run away with python or node.js instead. 😅

@davidrevoy download.sh now runs fine using my docker setup, without the need to install any dependencies (besides docker) on the host machine. I've done a small adjustment to download.sh by replacing the hardcoded lang using the environment variable LANG.

@davidrevoy Now I will try to do the other steps as described in your README to hopefully get a german version of the books. Fingers crossed.

@der_On Finger crossed too! The weak part of the process is probably my PDF post processing exporter. It require all PDF exported from Scribus in the export folder; and then produce many files. But sometime the script has hiccups (not sure if bash script error, or Ghostscript crashing). I surprised myself to run it twice last time to get the file output. Don't hesistate to ask any question. We also have live chat (top page link here: peppercarrot.com/en/static4/co )

@davidrevoy Getting closer. Conversion now worked and cmyk TIFF files got generated. I guess now I will need to translate some text within the scribus files.

@davidrevoy Well, seems like the font in the speach bubbles is wrong and a lot of text is overflowing it. Back to the download again.

@der_On Nice for the Tiff generation! Ha true, fonts; this repo needs to be installed in the font folder: framagit.org/peppercarrot/font to get all of them. Getting closer! thank you for sharing your progress

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