Today, my wife and me adopted a third cat. He is a cute kitten named Miolek (/mjolɛk/; aka "the one who meow a lot"). I'm so happy.

awesome artist AND cat person. @davidrevoy is one of my favorite people in the whole internet.

@davidrevoy Ho, a little european! They are cute cats, as all other cats, but they are cute!

Does he have a weird meow ? my pepper has one like a spooky door. 😅

@Troupier Nope, a regular meow, but he meow all the time, like if he needs to comment everything. And purring, all the time. Very interactive; but that's how we found him.
He was left alone in a garden next a place we were eating today and came on our knee during lunch; we contacted the owner: she had too much (4), rarely at home and was happy he could get a new home with attention. He already sleep next to me while I type, used his improvised litter, and eat food... all option! how cute?

@pink 😍 oh black! Gorgeous Panther, beautiful cat!

@davidrevoy Both my wife and I think he’s gorgeous. Nothing better than adopting cat 🐈

@davidrevoy Gorgeous kitten! And his name is cute and imaginative.

(I recently adopted a kitten too, a grey tabby pretty much like Miolek, his name is Atrus, and he meows a lot too. A lot :D )

@lamecarlate 😊 👍 Oh nice! Long life to little Atrus, good name too

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