Curious where the $16.50 on my self-published comic goes? I drew this to explain so you get an idea about the costs. (By the way, 955 books sold! 🎉 thank-you-thank-you-thank-you!)

Very instructive ! At the end of the launch, the books will be full price : does this mean you'll have more money on each book ? :)

Yes, exactly, I have full control on setting a price for "benefits" (with no limit up or down); then drivethrucomics takes 35% of that benefits. (benefits are from pie part in bright blue, orange and golden yellow on the graph). When I'll setup the price back to $20 , I made the math so I get 2.50€ 🙂

@davidrevoy Saffron is good with money? Didn't she fail for the marketing con?

@davidrevoy I wish I could buy your work, but DriveThruComics thinks my email address is already registered and refuses to send me a reset link.

@davidrevoy Even after turning off uBlock && noscript, I'm not able to register, recover or even send their staff a message.

Crappy store.

@nathand Oh. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the store. I wish I could help, but I can't control anything about this.

A positive note: it looks like DriveThruComics are starting a refactor and pushing fixes on website. Over the last month; I saw the web css for mobile; this morning I saw a new logo (on mother company) Its a small company trying to modernize their old structure. Maybe they'll fix your issue when they'll push a new website.

@davidrevoy The line length for the bullet point text is 14 chars on my devices and makes it hard to read. I think that on small screens they should be one under the other. Did you try playing with CSS flex?

@mimi89999 Oh, good idea. I see. I have one of those "grid squeletton" in CSS; shouldn't be too hard to make a rule for small width screen and re-arange the boxes vertically and not side by side. I'll try to edit it soon. Thanks for the feedback.

I'm curious Q: how do those 9% for you compare to the average cut french artists get working with french publishers in the french "traditional" system?

@Archiviste_Dragontigre This is -even during my special sale− high cut. This article: (in French) really details how this industry (has difficulty to) work.

@Archiviste_Dragontigre In short: I think many thought I was posting this to complain (like: "look how small the 'in my pocket' proportion is") while the truth is I was mostly bragging to other comic artist to show that a fully independant system including tools and production can still manage to make a high cut even during promotional launch.
I'm also the only author now being AND self-published AND published with Glénat simulateneously. Creative Commons FTW 😉

J'avais bien compris. :)
I understood. 9% seem way more than what your peers (some of them beeing close friends of mine) seems to be able to make working with big pubishers.
Keep up the good work and the exemple you set for others!

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