777 Books sold since the release two weeks ago! Thank you! 🎉 I hope you'll get the geek joke.( I'm not worrying a lot on Mastodon 😇 ). My 'Special Launch Offer' sale ends on Saturday 31, in three days. Will it reach 1000? That would be amazing. Last chance to get them while they're cheap!

@davidrevoy Hey! Thank you for your work!
Iǜ just ordered the complete series and the artbook in hard cover. I hope it will serve as a small support to your great work and you can continue making your wonderful drawings with the philosophy of free software.
Hope we read you more in mastodon ;) !

@izaro Thank you very much for taking the full series! Yes, it really helps (I detailed it on the blog this evening). Thank you very much for your nice words and support!

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@davidrevoy thank you for sharing your work! :blobangel:
I'm sure that my daughter will also love it! :blobkissheart:
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