My new PC arrived!🤩 (Kitten not included)
I'll publish later a blog-post to describe the setup I selected and review if digital-painting/video/CGgraphics feels good with it on GNU/Linux. For now: unboxing time and install. 🐧🔧

@davidrevoy What graphics card (if any) are you going to install there?

@mezzodrinker : In short, I'll list you the hardware I took:
- CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X
- Motherboard: Asrock B450M-Pro4
- Ram: 2x8GB G.Skill DDR4 @ 3200Mhz
- GPU: Sapphire Radeon RX 5500 XT 8GB
- Case: Bequiet! Pure Base 500
- CPU/Fan: Bequiet! Pure Rock 2 Black
- PowerUnit: Bequiet! Pure Power 11, 600W 80+Gold.
For the SSD, I have them. It's not sponsored, and I bought it on LDLC for ~1100€ the whole.

@davidrevoy Hm. I was asking because I couldn't for the love of it figure out how to make my Debian install use the RX 5700 XT I have in my new computer. But seeing you have a GPU that is slightly older than mine, I suppose it will probably already be included in the amdgpu drivers, so yeah.

@davidrevoy pretty cool, congrats!

and what a lovely cat 🐱

Bonjour David,
je vois que tu viens de te procurer du matériel qui me fait de l’œil :
pourrais tu me dire ce qui t'as fait choisir une carte mère B450 plutôt que B55 ?
Merci d'avance

@marctapages Alors purement une question de prix. J'avais 1000€ à mettre pour ma config (un peu maigre) et j'ai misé sur le GPU et le CPU. La carte mère ne devait que être compatible dans mes critères, pas chère, de Gigabyte/Asus/Asrock pour avoir des condensateurs un poil plus qualitatif que du noname (peut-être mon imagination); et un chipset audio dont je sois sur que ça soit supporté sur Linux sans bidouille Pulse/Alsa/etc. (ça je vais le découvrir dans une heure). Pas de grosses necessité.

OK !

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me répondre.

Bon montage et bises à Pepper & Carrot !

Si jamais tu as besoin d'aide pour le son et GNU+Linux, tu peux me demander.

@openmastering Un grand merci, je garde ton contact précieusement!


Only 16 GB Ram? Everything else seems ok. Ryzen 3950X is still expensive :(

Still want that kitten!

@angrytux Bah, you know, it's a budget PC and I'm economic. I never leave hundreds of tabs open in a browser or run electron based software.

I had already 20 year of carreer with machines that had less than 2GB of Ram. 16GB is enough for opening 10 pages of comic side by side with dozens of layer and work.

Also, the motherboard has 2 more slots for an upgrade in three or four years to 32GB; to probably compensate the waste of resources that developers seams to really enjoy doing lately 😉

@angrytux @davidrevoy > Only 16 GB Ram
Wtf, 16 is a lot. U can live with 4GB, with 8 you're already fine. 16GB is for fun

@Ryu @davidrevoy

Plasma DE and Firefox ^^

If you´re no gamer 16 is enough for sure.

@davidrevoy who cares about the computer when there's a cute little kitty with a huge box?! :blobaww: 😜

@davidrevoy How to you get a free kitten with an amd ryzen purchase?

@davidrevoy Awesome! Share a picture once you put it together! :akko_excited:

@davidrevoy hope you have nvme ssd to be a perfect config ! Have fun !

@Jeremyg I have a slot for one of this disk that plug on the motherboard; yes. I'll connect for now the SSD of my previous config. Good idea for a future upgrade. (I'll probably extend it through the years now: more RAM, etc).

Nice!! Looking forward to see your experience with it, have fun putting it toguether!!🙌🏼 👍🏼 🙂

@davidrevoy Sweet specs and sweet kitten! Happy screwing and mounting.
I was recently looking for good low-budget hardware for a blender rendering machine and that specs seem to fit that. Looking forward to your report about daily use on GNU/Linux.

@davidrevoy "Oh, that looks like an area that doesn't have fur in it" -- @mlemweb imitating the cat

@davidrevoy Looks like an overly expensive raspberrypi

The kitty is nice :)

D'oh didn't see the 1st image in my timeline, so ignore the previous question. LOL

@davidrevoy Pas trop risqué la position du bouton on/off ? Genre un chat qui veut regarder sur le dessus du boîtier ... ça marche aussi pour les bipèdes en bas âge ceci dit, dans ce cas on a droit à "c'est marrant quand j'appuie ça s'enfonce !" ...

@jsa Totalement! 😺 Ca et l'absence de bais en facade pour un lecteur CDROM (oui, j'habite encore dans les années 2000) faisait parties des points négative sur mon choix à l'achat. J'en ai même vue des boitier ou un coup de genou pouvait le fermer. Je vais bricoler un petit couvercle comme les boutons de lancement de missible (sérieusement).

@davidrevoy comme je te comprends ... Les gens qui font le design des boîtiers sont des hermites 😢

@davidrevoy kitty helps..

Also that case and CPU fan looks familiar, I found the be quiet case to be really nice, and really quiet

@alienghic I'm discovering them. I admit I was seduced by the name of the brand and the premise it promise (silence while I draw or record voice on tutorial being important to me). But after playing a bit in the case, I'm happy about my choice. Far better than the default Dell/Fujitsu/noname case I had. I'll tell about the noise soon. I'm doing backup now and I'm really near to connect old SSD and reboot in new.

@davidrevoy I built an i7 system using the be quiet case and cooler and a fanless seasonic power supply and when using the on board video I couldn't tell if it was on by sound.

Once I added the discrete video card I could tell it was on, but it was still very quiet. (And later I think the discrete card got quieter when I got a newer graphics card with better on board power management)

@alienghic I'm running it! Big silence; or maybe it was my previous PC the airplane. I was very affraid when I turned on, it was very silent. I'm not used to that 😺

@davidrevoy 😁

I had to open the side while it was on and look to make sure all the fans were actually spinning.

@davidrevoy yeah cool news!

Tomorrow the 4 P&C volumes should be in my mail inbox o/ (ordered English version by mistake but oh well, not a big deal :blobcatgoogly: )

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