Oh, by the way (about the production report video I shared previously today), the video editing with 20.12.1appimage on Kubuntu 20.04 was a really cool experience 👍 Bravo to the team. I really love the new subtitle editor.

@davidrevoy KDNlive does subtitles? ooh. That's good to know. Thanks!

@crossgolf_rebel @actualsteerpike

It's a new feature released on last December (under, gif part of: page).

Once "Edit subtitle" activated on the Project menu, it's really simple as double clicking and typing. The srt file is created automatically aside the *.kdenlive project. Keeping the timeline for subtitle visible will bake them in the video at rendering. Very user friendly and well designed.

It got fixes in 20.12.1 ; (visibility icon missing + special characters) Just a side-note: I love how your cat is always being part of what you share 😊

I'm curious how you found stability and if there were rendering bugs... For years, both before and after the refactor, I kept having problems where small simple projects would work fine, but when I went to render completed full size projects there would always be some fatal issue. Others would always tell me Kdenlive worked fine for them, but their projects were simple.

The project you have pictured looks more like my standard level of complexity, so I'd love to hear how it went!

I totally understand what you said; I had also this experience by the past two years (and moved several time to other solutions, Blender mainly and Olive once).

But on this version 20.12.1_appimage , it really went well during all the process. No glitch and render was quick, even if I played with many effects/wipes. That's why I really wanted to share my good surprise, it's not happening that often in my life 😅

Cool! Maybe I'll try another project some time soon. After the third or fourth time that I worked on a project, had it look fine and then break unrecoverably for the final render, only to have to create the project from scratch again using other software... it kind of broke my spirit, even though I've always loved FOSS and Kdenlive's interface.

It looks like the revolution may finally be arriving! 🥳

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