Illustrations done in #krita & Inkscape for MTV India's reality television show promotion campaign.

More details here -


Hey good job! Matching the look-alikeness was certainly a very hard task on such a poster.

Also, now I know where you used this super complex vector mosaïc background you posted on IRC via screenshots for the slow-down bug. I was curious about it. 👍

Make me dream: what is the resolution of this one? I bet easily over 6k x 6k ? or even ; full vector? đŸ˜ș

@davidrevoy Yes the vector elements were a bit of pain to move in Krita once imported from Inkscape. 😃

You are right the size is 7k x 7k. only background is vector. I tried making the portraits and artwork 100% in Inkscape using the "Interpolate Sub-Path" one of the path effects (check GIF).

But it turned out to be slow because I am not used to it. And due to deadline I did the portraits in Krita with modified Gpen brush. And I wish Krita's vector improve and have Interpolate options 😜.

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