Anyone have display tablet recommendations that work on Linux? I've had an Intous for years, but drawing on it never felt natural; I've always had trouble with coordination and not being able to see where I'm drawing gets frustrating.

@federicomena @brainblasted hey, in a nutshell; on Linux only the Wacom have a good support as far as I tested the model I owned. Huion, Xp-Pen and other quickly are frustrating because of bugs or heavy config. So I advice old Wacom cintiq; bought on second hand market; so it's enough old for the driver to have been on Debian, then Buntu, etc...
I made an article: , and other blog post on hardware:

@davidrevoy @federicomena I use Fedora, so kernel driver age shouldn’t be a problem normally, I don’t think?

@brainblasted @federicomena True :-) You probably can choose any Cintiq released more than 6month ago and get them working with this type of distro. KDE plasma and GNOME have both built-in GUI calibrator for monitor and Wacom buttons. I tested X11/Plasma (I'm on it since years) but I haven't tested GNOME Wacom panel with Cintiq since years. And even more rarely Wayland, so this part is the dark side of the moon to me, but supposed to work 🙂

@davidrevoy @federicomena @brainblasted I use an xp-pen on linux. support from them is spotty, their driver sux (can only map right / middle button one way, and you have to run it continually) - so I just use it with the default kernel driver and lose one mouse button (I have left on the tip and middle) and no screen buttons. Otherwise it is fine

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