An Islands You Can Visit at Low Tide
• Process video:
• Wallpaper:
A speedpainting to test default 4.4.2 RGBA brushes

@davidrevoy what is in the water? why does it look so steamy? is that a griffin or an albatross flying?

@nergal I imagine it as regular sea water; the fog come from clouds of the mountains and grass I guess. For the birds, seaguls/albatross yes.

@davidrevoy viewers always read different stories from good art.

@marathon I never played it, but always loved to see all the "how-to" in PC magazine of that time. (I probably finished the demo on the Free Cd-rom bundled with magazine at that time). The art direction of the CG was really amazing.

Now I look at the artwork; it feels this light is familiar from the Final Fantasy 9 background of the start of the game; city of Alexandria. ( )

@davidrevoy It does - Although your rendering is better, in my opinion!

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