#2MinuteSketch exercise! Sketch one (or all) of the below #CC0 #ArtReference images, but only give yourself two minutes per image. Then share your results! :D

Art is about practice and repetition, but we don't always have time to work on something for long periods. Being able to steal a couple of minutes here and there to jot something down is invaluable, and the more you do it, the better you'll get at it, which will improve your overall art!

(Sources in next toot)

@Curator :) Video of drawing in the next toot. (Krita Recorder in Krita 5 is kinda awesome for this kind of stuff... not perfect, but nothing is perfect in this world...)

#krita #mastoart

@Curator Shame a bit, because some of my shorter figure studies looked better than this one... but I guess I should maybe just practice them more often.

I have actually something perfect (...for me, and remember, nothing is perfect :P ) for figure studies, my own Python plugin - krita-artists.org/t/life-drawi
It gives you one ref image from a folder at a time, counts time and then replaces the image and the canvas with the next one, and at the end makes a pretty collage of all of the sketches.


@tiar @Curator Oh, I discover the plugin only now (I wasn't as much around on KA last year).

A very good idea for training. 👍 I'll test, thanks for sharing.

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@davidrevoy @Curator Thanks! I will gladly take any feedback.

I was thinking it could be used for any references, not only figure studies, but I've figured it out after naming the plugin :D

And it's still a bit beta (the GUI might not be fool-proof yet) but the important functionality is there, so I hope you won't get lost. But do remember to create a new document - the plugin just uses the current one, and while it doesn't remove anything, cleaning it up/dividing later might be tedious.

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