Sunday, I was happy to give a talk at the FSF , wearing the Tshirt I designed for them (photo). But later that day, Richard Stallman announced his return to the FSF's Board of Directors. In this situation, I'll no longer invest my energy for them... 😿

@davidrevoy did you read this:

I read what RMS said and I think the fuss created around misinterpretations and misquotes from what he said is much more harmful to a community at whole, than what he actually said.

@xinayder I read it, it was sent to me a lot this afternoon: I try to read various sources of info to keep rational opinion.

Still, I think if it was only misinterpretations; it would have been easy for him to fix it, clarify, adjust and post disambiguation when it was time. I see that very often on communication issues on other Floss project...

But even when he came back; it was made without clarification, disambiguation: just imposed out of the blue.

Definitely, not my cup of tea... 🍵

You know @davidrevoy
that when reputation is hit, it's too late, especially with this type of movement.
The problem is not much about rms but the witch-hunt without respect to the facts and discernment about his condition.
This is kind of putsch and dangerous for the FOSS and freedom of speech.

I don't know why you felt the need to "stand" for, hope this is not for your patreon and youtube audience.




> I don't know why you felt the need to "stand" for
Because my name was attached to the activity of the FSF at the time: 2x Libreplanet talks + FSF35 T-shirts.

> hope this is not for your patreon and youtube audience
No, no one. I was on Libreplanet during the annuncement, I waited 24h to give time of FSF to clarify, and then I took this decision all alone by myself. See the date.

> freedom of speech

> "about his condition"
What condition? (sources?)

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@davidrevoy rms is clearly autistic, you are maybe too politically correct to not admit this is a mental disorder but it is. However it does not mean he has a free pass but it is obvious his cold/incomplete view is due to this.

But above all, the manner (fact distortion, lies), the political stunt around this affaire is bad, is bad for the free and opensource movement.

btw, you put the whole FSF in the same basket, where's the diversity?

sorry @bebel but as far as you are not his therapist, you shouldn't say this, even if he seems to have an autistic behavior. Even if you would be an psychologist, such a "remote diagnostic" is not reliable. So please don't try to do so. In this case it doesn't matter, even if a person is autistic they dont have to act like an a***. Ask some autistic people you know ;)

A founder or important person to the movement can be very important to it and his/her behavior has a big influence how (in this case) the open source movement is seen in the public.

I personaly think rms should do at least an apology and sign some sort social - code of conduct, but better he should resign and give his replacement an good start and support him/her and they also should invent some real control power in the fsfe. That would show some true greatness. But I am afraid he is not able to do so.
@krutor aka Simon An apology for what exactly? For saying things that are not misogynistic, no transphobic, and didn't hurt anyone? For being capable of taking back things he said and changing his demeanor when explained they were not nice? For having provenly had his words distorted and his image turned into a caricature by people who are in rage?

Even if you don't perfectly agree with that, do the facts (not the slander) justify him being publicly lynched together with the organization that best represents the philosophy of free software?

I don't think the counter-argument is about Stallman being cognitive diverse, elderly, or about freedom of speech - though anyone wanting to treat things with decency should consider that, to some extent, those points deserve consideration and weight. As well as the point that many of the people leading the attack on him are in the "opensource not free-software" field and financed by Microsoft and the likes. But again this is not the heart of the issue.

The real counter-argument is much more basic, it is about the most fundamental precept of any social contract, which is fairness and proportionality. People are treating him as if he had actually done the horrible things that are being said of him even though he *factually* did not. The things he did do are quite reasonable, and are squarely and entirely in the realm of respectful disagreement and of being considerate to other people's viewpoints and different life experiences.

If you ever met or had the chance to discuss with him, I can bet you'd find him way less misogynistic and transphobic than most people on the board of most "libre/open" organizations out there, and any other "progressive" organizations in fact - many of whom play the game of embellishing their beliefs to advance their personal agenda, or hold such beliefs thoughtlessly, from peer pressure and not from careful and heartfelt consideration.

Now, Stallman has a way to act and express his views that is uncompromising and prone to challenge the status-quo and test the limits of social norms - while staying entirely in the realm of what is legal and harmless to everyone but the powerful. But is that such a high crime? Is that even a crime? I personally wish we had more people like that.

@krutor Pure garbage. You just don't want to recognize it cause the idealogy nowadays is about to remove all kind of mental disorder from the medical field.
He is clearly autistic, it does not excuse for everything but do not expect him act according your standards, 1st degree apologies, he made it somehow.

i don't tolerate physical and repetitive harrassment but i don't tolerate hysterical mob neither.


@davidrevoy sure, david, you have almost 40 and you draw only underage girls. Sound fishy to me.

vieux pervers


@davidrevoy sure, david, you have almost 40 and you draw only underage girls. Sound fishy to me.

vieux pervers


You see the mob against #rms. this old dude David Revoy in lack of argument choose the block option against "opponent".

such an arrogant fragilist.

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