@davidrevoy rhaaa je suis impatient de voir la suite ! (et j'imagine que je ne suis pas le seul héhé)

@davidrevoy What's the easiest way to set up those rectangles so you don't go outside the border? I think I'm spotting clipping groups over there? Do you just start off with a colored rectangle on a transparent background?

@AesAthena @davidrevoy

The quickest way is to make a group, then inside this group have the base shapes drawn with rectangle tool on one layer and add a new paint layer on top of it to paint thumbnails, and then you have to click the alpha icon besides this layer. This will clip the contents to the rectangular shapes on the layer below. It is called alpha inheritance - here I have made a video about it - raghukamath.com/quick-tips-001

@AesAthena Big +1 with the method pointed by @raghukamath , I used "Inherit alpha" a lot.

@raghukamath @davidrevoy
Thanks, everyone! I'm gearing up to make a book cover now so this will be super helpful!

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