This afternoon I start the filming of the XPPen Pro 24 review after 48h of deep tests. Oh dear: there is a lot to say about it.

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@lanodan It's a screenshot from my webcam ; sorry about the resolution. No worry, the resolution on monitor is crystal clear, I'll try to capture that. (not easy because all I have to film is a webcam 1080p and a smartphone) hard to have a setup that is able to film and the desk, and the content on the monitor.

@davidrevoy A filmed review? I hope there will be a written one too? Or subtitles?

@trinsec Hey, yes: the video will be around 10 min; but a rich blog post going more in depth with scripts, tweaks, and methods explained will be attached.
I also always recently add subtitles, so no problem for that.

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