🎮 New derivation: play Pepper on the Nes! She was added to Super Tilt Bro, a homebrew open project aiming at porting a "versus platformer fighting" to the 1985 Nes Nintendo console. I super like this derivation 😺

Blog post with all infos to play:

Author: @RogerBidon (of the game and also the video trailer).

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@HufflepuffBR @davidrevoy @RogerBidon I only played the single-player mode, but it *is* kinda fun, if simplistic.

(Also, I guess I just learned the term #demake . So, that's pretty cool)

@2ck @HufflepuffBR @davidrevoy
Thanks for the fun part, I am glad you enjoyed it! Can you elaborate on the simplistic part? I am eager for feedback :) Are you talking about mechanics, contents (only 3 characters on 4 stages), a global lack of polish?
Thank you again for taking the time to try this little game ♥️

@RogerBidon Hi. Thanks for making it 😁 I guess I was reacting more to the ease of beating the computer adversary. There were some combinations between movements and attacks that I didn't explore much of. It seems like a fully thought-out game to me though. @HufflepuffBR @davidrevoy

@2ck The feedback is much appreciated 👍 Indeed it's been a long time since I did more than the minimum on the AI 😅

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