I'm enjoying this week-end back from vacation doing DIY on my tablet, desk and stylus. And, in order to test the new setup, I started this drawing (not related to the future episode). I'm curious: what color would you choose for this big sleepy dragon?

@davidrevoy What about dark blue? I've yet to see a dark blue dragon somewhere ;)

@davidrevoy Dark red and brown. Looks like old leather. And dirty old bones for the claws.

@davidrevoy nice line drawing! I imagine a gasoline/rainbow type of colour.

@davidrevoy I'm thinking aqua blue with a light blue belly? Like reflections in the ocean.

golden like all the treasure around him... the Klimt dragon ;-)

@davidrevoy brown-green to blend with the background, and some gold highlights to represent the treasure

@davidrevoy wonderful! The new setup seems to give great results 🖖
As for the colour, uhm, what about cobalt blue with silver-y details?

@davidrevoy I would be very interested in how you give texture to the scales and volumes of a black dragon (seemingly sleeping in a dark cave) 🙂

@davidrevoy Dark green.
I see a lamp among the treasure, does it contains a genie?

@il Oh, good idea. I need to design the lamp the same way as the one appearing on episode 23 He looks green to me. Maybe with copper or gold thrown in somewhere.

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