My latest illustration "The treasure" is now available on my Redbubble page in case you want it printed on a mouse pad, sticker, laptop skin, postcard, art-print, etc...
I'm earning 20% of the retail price on them, so your shopping basket will support my work.

@davidrevoy Would you add the Pepper and Carrot logo as a mask?

The treasure is beautiful, but doesn't quite fit on the mask, ooh, but it looks amazing on the travel mug, quite nice

I like the fitted 3 layer LCA masks I bought, the P&C on one side would look nice as well


@FLOX_advocate Thanks for the feedback. I spent a little time this morning to adapt the artworks to the mask pattern, (good idea for the positioning, and thanks for the ref!). Is it good this way?

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@davidrevoy Yes, that works wonderfully. Merci

Wow, The Tea Prank looks fabulous on the mask! That is really stunning

I'm looking forward to getting those in :)

@davidrevoy RedBubble just sent an email about 20% sitewide, do they just toss out your money to make that happen or do you still get your cut?

@FLOX_advocate For Redbubble, I think they make all this promotions on their production margin without touching to artist percent. (For DriveThrucomics −where I print the comic− it's another philosophy; the creator creates their own promotion by lowering their margin, the website doesn't move the production cost by a cents)

@davidrevoy That's great to hear

if the publisher is going to discount without talking to artists, then it should be reduced on their side

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