So, apparently: sharing brushes, tutorials and comic for free on the Internet will also get you death threats. I receive a lot of them right now (attachement, this morning).

Problem: my CMS Pluxml only shows IP adresses in admin. It has no other tools to take actions in case certains IP range detected (eg. put the comment offline and in a moderation queue).

So, I spent sunday coding my own system for that with as usual a nested set of yak shaving action.

Now I want my sunday back, please?

Monday morning news: the IP range filter I made yesterday for my PluXML blog successfully caught a new comment from this author. The comment moved directly offline into a moderation queue only visible by me.

So I'm happy 🙂 It works (at least on time in real situation), that's rewarding and I hope it will continue (and discourage this author to post).

Thanks you all again for your positive words, virtual hugs and feedback yesterday 🤗

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@davidrevoy Ils n'ont rien d'autre à foutre ?
Ils sont cons ou quoi ?
Très étonnant et triste.
Courage à toi ! ✊🏼

@davidrevoy What is wrong with some people?

Sharing is nice, and pepper and carrot is cute!

@davidrevoy WTF???
And why share your skills can provoque this to anyone????

this person is totally crazy!!!

Please keep doing whatever you want. Be free to express, share (or not) your great art!!

I can't give your sunday back, but I will give you a (virtual) hug!!

@davidrevoy Well that sucks. Producing free culture and tools for it is a good thing. I hope you are feeling OK. Humanity disappoints, sometimes.

@liw @victorhck


I'm ok, really. There is a big probability for the origin of this messages to be just the work of a kid from India (the IP are all from two services providers in India) and user doesn't use VPN, IP mask, or anything. Just plain IPs.. amator. 😅

So, no problem about my security.

I just wanted today a tool to remove the display of the comment online. The only drama is a lost sunday.

I'll share the code on PLuXML forum 😉

Tant mieux.
On ne saura sans doute jamais pourquoi c'est toi qui as été pris pour cible.

@davidrevoy Think of it not as of a Sunday lost, but as a Sunday invested. Hope that the measures are enough so that this strange harcèlement is gone for now.

@davidrevoy Courage! We love Pepper and Carrot, your brushes and you! :underheart:

@davidrevoy I'm so sorry.
Your comics make the world a better place, thank you!

😨 Ya au moins un message dans le lot qui explique pourquoi ?


@marnic Non, ça a commencé avec des menaces sur mes chats. Un peu random; peut-être un⋅e lecteurice frustré⋅e de mes délais de publication.
J'ai donné plus d'info à cette réponse:

@davidrevoy Giving away things for free attracts the worst people. Sorry you have to deal with it



No worry, the real drama I had today was: dealing with PHP on sunday and inventing missing moderation tool to a CMS I use since 15 years... instead enjoying barbecue time and relaxing with my wife and cats 😆

I should probably stop self-hosting blog and comments system and go full time on social medias...

@davidrevoy @Gargron but what would have happened if you just enjoy the bbq? Was there a security threat or something? If not, just let the assholes being assholes, and do the cleaning when the bbq isn't happening :D


That's the policy I took this week (just let them, not reply; just once) because I was too busy yak shaving other stuff. 🐂

But this morning, I don't know. That was a bit too much for me. I was a bit concern because the message was displayed on the blog and sent to all the one who subscribes to the RSS of my comment system. Not really fun to read. That's why I made a system for pushing the comments to auto "offline" when the IPs are part of a range.


@davidrevoy @Gargron You could keep the blog and for the "interaction" point to social media as part of the static page template, disabling any commenting feature on the blog.

Social media is kinda icky when it comes to content ownership and creative control (what happens around the content you post) but it's relatively good in its discussion management features.


Exatcly. That really something I'm considering right now. Especially using Mastodon and Fediverse platform. ( This method: by @carl )


@davidrevoy @carl @Gargron
I think there's value in not having comments show up with your posts: That's your site and Joe Blow needn't be able to put something on there. Both from a "I also don't let random people enter my rooms and graffiti their slogans onto the walls (even if I can then go and remove them)" point of view and in an attempt to side-step increasing litigation: Not having comments on your site means that there'll never be a judge stealing your time deliberating over "That site is Revoy's, is he responsible for that blurb below his post?"

If there's something of value in the (off-site) discussion, you can still append something to the post like "(update $today:) $person pointed out in our [discussion]($url) that $whatever_needs_mentioning. Thank you, $person."

(Of course you know the interactions on your site best. Such an approach might lose too much to be worth it for you.)

@davidrevoy @gargron This is part of the reason that I stopped hosting comments on my site (the other was because I moved to static pages).

@davidrevoy im guessing either kid's prank, psychotic episode, or mistaken identity?

or a combination

@davidrevoy Is any specific article targeted? It's it just your website or were you also harassed on social medias?

Really weird to see you, among all internet public personalities, receive death threat because of your work. O_o

@lertsenem Just on the last blog posts; since the DIY of the stylus. It started with death threats on my cats. But then the messages came like five by five daily.

But no worry, I explain a bit about it in another answer here:

@davidrevoy it's sad that there are such crazy bitter people in this world. I would like to think that for every one of those, there are many, many more who enjoy and appreciate your work and your generosity in sharing it. It makes the world just that much better. Thank you!

@davidrevoy That's just awful! It seems like a really weird troll, or some kid with some serious issues. Hope it won't continue.

@BenjaminBrinckmann Yes, I'm also thinking about a kid. I hope they will not learn how to use a VPN or I'll have issue at excluding IP ranges 😅
I wrote a bit more about what I think it is here:

@davidrevoy Well it's good to hear that it isn't anything serious. Still, it always is scary. Internet is a wonderful and revolutionary invention, but we still have a long long way to go before we learn how to use it responsibly in a global culture...

Je vois qu'il y a un plugin akismet pour pluxml, c'est pas efficace ?

@Gynux J'ai déjà ça , honey-pot et un custom captcha. Ca filtre bien les robots, mais là, c'est un humain vénère que j'ai à gérer. J'ai pas trouver de plugin. J'ai mis les mains dans le cambui directement dans core/lib/class.plx.motor.php

@davidrevoy It’s unbelievable 😶. All our support to you and hour incredible work!

@davidrevoy Sorry that you have to invest time, because people just have to be assholes for no reason.
But let me take this opportunity to tell you, that i really enjoyed your web comic, the last time i read it. It is absolutely beautiful and the fact, that it was drawn with krita is a bonus. :)
Please don't let yourself be dragged down by those people, you rock!

Sorry to read what has happened to you. Keep your head up and please don't pay too much attention to those. Your work is too valuable. Don't let such people pulling you down. Thank you for all what you do. Best regards. Cheers.

Crazy people reacting with hostility towards popular people once again. 🤔
You're great. Keep up the good work. Send those dumbasses right into oblivion. 💛

@davidrevoy Ça ne devrait même pas être nécessaire ce genre de choses. C'est désespérant.
Bon courage 🤗.

@davidrevoy oh, gosh, sorry to read that your blog has been the target of so mean comments :/ But glad that your workaround is working ! 🤗

I also use PluXML for my blog, luckily for me, I am not famous enough to get targeted by such nasty trolls ! :x

@davidrevoy I can only wonder what this person's problem is. Everyone's so eager to wish death upon each other these days, and the sense of entitlement on display here is especially atrocious

Bon c'est cool si ça fonctionne. Par contre il a l'air deter c't'abruti... :(
Et plutôt que modérer ses commentaires, ça serait pas plus simple de lui mettre un coup de pied au derche en lui présentant une jolie page 404 ;)

@Gynux Merci.
Oui, ce fût mon premier réflexe: un bon coup d' .htaccess et basta 😆

...Mais la collection d'adresses IP des commentaires collectés jusque là était trop variable.

Mais avec trois racines similaire: que des networks d'Inde. Donc j'ai préféré un filtre large qui affecte seulement la creation de nouveaux commentaires pour l'Inde.

Cet espace d'analyse avant mise en ligne, affectera tout ces utilisateurices; mais je trierai.

(source de mon bidouillage: )

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