...and I'm reverting my setup.
It happened while editing last video; it was too tedious with previous setup. I found a way to make my new setup hybrid, but I keep mainly the first position. I'm definitely a non-display tablet person, but I need a yearly reminder about it. 😉

@davidrevoy I always thought that people that uses your main setup would benefit from a Ergodox kind of keyboard!

@minkiu Maybe, I never tried the split keyboards, but I also never found one to test at a cheap price. The experiment would cost a bit 🙂

@davidrevoy So you actually prefer to use the Intuos above the XP-Pen? How do you do the hand-eye coordination there? I always have a lot of trouble getting my drawings right when my eyes are looking at somewhere completely different than my hand's position.

@trinsec Hey, yes, I prefer the Intuos 4XL. But marketing, new models, nostalgy of drawing on a sheet of paper regularly makes me attracted to use/test pen-display tablet.

About the hand/screen coordination; sure it is an issue at first, one that goes away for me after 30min of warm up for me.

Imo, small non-pen-display tablet mapped to big monitor are first source of coordination issues. That's why I'm using a large one.

@davidrevoy that's a wonderful looking setup, I always have a lot of trouble setting it up so that I can look at reference with my smaller tablet screen. I imagine with that big boy in the right that's not an issue though :astolfotea:

@corceeeee Oh yes, the quadHD of the XP-Pen 24 with its 2560x1440px is really a joy as a secondary monitor. KDE Plasma with the four corner tiling makes it super useful (and for video editing, I can see a 1080p preview on it)

@davidrevoy I too prefer a non-display tablet, and I too have an Intuos 4 XL. When not using it my keyboard and mouse sit atop it with its serving as a wrist rest. It's never in the way. I've had pen displays before, and inevitably the pen display within it fails before the tablet does, rendering the entire product useless. My Intuos 4 XL is nearly 11 years old and works just as well as it did when I got it.

@dustin Yes, I have exact same feeling about it. 👍 Thank you for your feedback, I don't feel alone with this taste now 😉

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