TIL #Krita can play a strange trick where pressing m inverts an image left-right and pressing m again seems to invert it back--but it's not a true inversion, it just looks that way, and the saved images will come out inverted as will the image in Krita itself when the file is closed and reopened. To actually undo the inversion for the file I had to go into the Image menu and choose inversion.


@ljwrites Hey, it's not a strange trick but a common feature for drawer/painter artist:
Only the viewport is mirrored (the pixels of your files are not affected) this is a well known helper when an artist needs to notice deformation/bad proportion in anatomy. While drawing, the brain can deform visually a wrong anatomy to look good for the artist. By, pressing M, it flips the picture and the brain doesn't recognise it and stop auto-fixing it. Then the artist can notice mistakes. Very useful.

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@davidrevoy Ah I see, another way Krita is a painter's program rather than an image manipulation program! I've only ever used the latter before so the paradigm is somewhat different.

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