ℹ️ Need help for a Free/Libre driver:
→ You live around Seattle city, Washington State (Not D.C) in the USA
→ You own a Artist 24 Pro
Splendid! Can you lend your device to dev Kurikaesu? contact here:
(Few chances it happens, but let's try).

@davidrevoy In case anyone is wondering, the XP-PEN Artist Display 24 Pro is the very first 23.8-inch 2K QHD graphics display. With double the resolution of FHD displays and unprecedented vibrancy, the Artist 24 Pro offers a creative experience that exceeds all limits.
It allows you to create in 2K QHD (2560 X 1440).

@textovervideo Yes, I also made a review of the tablet on Linux here: with what works on the proprietary Linux driver, and what works on the Digimend free/libre driver right now.
Getting a model for just an afternoon on the hand of Kurikaesu would really polish the support a lot. They already own a 22R Pro; and made support for many other models: "XP-Pen Deco Pro SM, Artist 12, 13.3, 15.6 and 22R Pro Support"

@davidrevoy or honestly, if you have a little programming or Linux experience and an Artist 24 Pro, just send a message to Kuikaesu or me and we'll help you build the driver and (if necessary) adapt the code, it's rather straightforward (I just did it for the 22E Pro and it took me very little time with Kurikasu's help)
See here for the code

@silmathoron yes, I was building it too, and also I changed the values and all, but we did hit a wall were the device was responding totally unexpectedly. So, we conclued that it would be easier if Kurikaesu could put hands directly on the tablet. That's why I tried a call 😉 I'll continue test/investigation remotely in all cases.

@davidrevoy ah OK, that sucks :(
Hope someone can lend him a tablet then...
Out of curiosity, what was happening? Because the stylus is associated to the wacom driver, I imagine that the buttons or the wheels were the ones misbehaving, is that it?

@silmathoron It affected the mapping of the surface: It was divided into two area horyzontally, while being vertically correct for both. It sounds like for the QuadHD resolution and 24inch they made something different on the digitizer. But Kurikaesu said they had an idea and proposed a fix. I'll test it soon ☺️

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