I put that here: (for those who still likes to buy real objects, and support the artist. 😉 )


You can sell the catvatar with a digital signature
And avatar is created based on the public signature between buyer and artist

Without cryptocurrencies, no crypto-scam

@davidrevoy Have you checked how the quality of Redbubble products is nowadays? I've ordered stickers from them waaayyy back and that was a literal joke, I could have done that better on my home printer. So I'm hesitant to try anything made by them again (esp since no-one I've told this story so far said their quality is good). But I'd be happy to hear I'm wrong ^__^

@jfml @davidrevoy I haven't ordered stickers but I have gotten tshirts recently and they looked fine to me

@jfml @dfeury It's a bit difficult to know, because the printers/factory behind Redbubble is a network. They might all have slight variation in quality depending the geographic area. One thing I know, for the two case of low quality product reported to me on hundreds (silent feedback, possibility low quality too) I adviced to fill a complain to Redbubble, and the two customers received another product for free (slightly, no miracle) better. So, report issues 😉

@davidrevoy @dfeury Ahhhh, I didn't realize that there's not only one production facility but that makes sense, thanks!

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