... and yet another Catavatar NFTs... 😔
This time on Binance , 1000 items, not derivated (1:1 to the one I created), no mention of the Creative Commons license and no attribution = illegal usage.

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@davidrevoy I would like to report it if I can. What should I say: "Impersonating someone else", or "Copyrighted asset"? I know it's not copyrighted, but it's not really an impersonation

@lamecarlate I entered "Copyrighted asset" , because that's probably the closest I could find to "doesn't comply with Creative Commons license terms". Thank you 🙂

@davidrevoy Done. This is really a shitty thing to do.

(and, not related, this is always a little bit weird to talk in English between French persons 😄 )

@davidrevoy @lamecarlate Oui, c’est la merde, ce truc (pas les Français qui englishisent entre eux, encore que
), mais cette espùce d’appropriation frauduleuse des Ɠuvre.

Au , on trouvait que le NFT, ça sentait pas le truc qui allait beaucoup profiter aux artistes (comme d’hab !), mais lĂ , c’est carrĂ©ment tout l’inverse.

@Monolecte @davidrevoy @lamecarlate c'est terrible, pathétique et attendu ... le simple fait qu'il n'y ait de fait aucun moyen de réellement identifier les émetteurs de ces Token est une faille critique de ces "chaines de ponzi on digital steroids"
l'aveuglement est ahurissant et loin d'ĂȘtre terminĂ© :
(sans parler de ceuxes qui se laissent Ă©blouir par les soit-disant "clean-NFT" fonctionnant au "PoS" cad Ă  la capitalisation = ponziÂČ ... hum)

@Monolecte @davidrevoy @lamecarlate

p.ex. mm @Quasimondo (not responding) qui est un des premiers dans le jeu (et des "PoS" aussi) doit trouver des combines foireuses pour tenter d'assurer que son boulot est bien "signé" ...
et il ne publie plus de code parce que trop de "copycats" l'utilisent pour publier des nfties sans le citer, ...
c'est juste la jungle, c'est pas sérieux, mais bon, le milieux de la vente d'art n'a _jamais_ été clean ... humhum ...

Where did you report it please ? I see several comments below also asking for a report link. Help us help you !



@lefarfadet There is the text "Are there issues with this Collection?" to the right, just under "Items, Owners, Transactions", and a button "Report it". It opens a modal where you can choose the reason you're reporting.



I think if you publish the links it seems to be yours, careful not to end up increasing the cattle of those scammers.

he is publishing them as a complaint though. a toot has enough characters to not make the mistake that you describe. a tweet usually causes this misinterpretation.

@nergal @davidrevoy

Yeah, I got it.
I report the copyright violation.

But many will only see a link click and say that cute kittens as I buy one

@davidrevoy NFT "creators" are either running a ponzi scheme, or they're art counterfeit rings. In short, they're a plague that would be wiped out from the internet.

We need more anti-NFT voices out there.

@yuki @davidrevoy
twitter just ratified their position as pro-nft and is going to add dedicated support to it.
I can't. I am moving here, it's just... better. I'm done. ugh

@my2k Yes, no surprise. Here I'll continue to maintain my account anyway... I'm more worried about the manipulation of trending tweets depending of adv. (eg, when a new Disney series start; suddently, all the fan-art related are promoted like crazy reaching all timelines with the system of "X liked this", "you might like this". ) This part is obvious. Imagining this manipulation at a political level is really concerning. I might more leave for that one day.

I'm really glad that this it exists for us artists who don't want any part of that, to post art and enjoy the good parts that that site used to have.

@davidrevoy Ultimately, I feel the same about NFTs as the name-a-star-service thingies: If it makes you happy, go for it, but it's absolutely pointless to me.


Whoa... Look's like someone is harassed on purpose by digital capitalism itself.

I'm having hard time figuring out how this is not trolling.

The level of deception of all of theses crypto-shit-coin and nft-dystopic-scam is so high that we should actually not care.

Only fools will eventually follow this madness.

My guess is we should laugh at them.

@davidrevoy that is so terrible! I'm sorry you have to deal with that!

@davidrevoy This is literally like paying for cardboard: theres a fee for it here, but you can still get it for free

@SrEstegosaurio Thanks, I think the page was reported over 20 times (maybe even more) and also Binance account quoted on Twitter. But, it doesn't work so far... I keep hopes :)

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