@Poslovitch @hj That's something to explore 😉 Maybe hairpins . I'm open to all proposition

@davidrevoy @hj @Poslovitch There is also the issue with the end of the hairs getting out below the horn in a nice bunch as if they were at the outer end of the roll, while I believe they would have to be at the inner end. Since they are hair it is feasible, but making them stay *nicely* doesn't sound trivial.

You do realize that you have nerd-sniped countless cosplayers around the world with that hairdo, right? :D
@davidrevoy @hj @Poslovitch btw, my preliminary attempts with a short stick instead of the horn and some elastic failed badly.

will continue experimenting.

@valhalla @hj @Poslovitch
Oh, if you find the answer, I'm really, really interested to know about it. 👍 Thanks for the update.

@davidrevoy while browsing your blog I just found your tip on reduced details: peertube.touhoppai.moe/w/f41e4

I always wondered how you managed to make your images apppear at the same time detailed and light — and now I understand a bit.

Is that the character who is chasing Pepper in the latest episode ?

@davidrevoy I just realized: the 'horns' might make putting on and taking off the goggles a bit tricky. 🙂

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