So, is the @Gaomonpentablet M10K 2018 good on Linux? I investigated that and just published the video 🙂
→ Ytb:
→ Ptb:

@davidrevoy J'avoue, j'ai cliqué sur le lien uniquement pour voir le chat passer :/

@dodosan hehe, elle y passe, à 5min07, c'est d'ailleurs elle qui reste avec moi sur le coussin pendant la review. 🙂

@davidrevoy Oui, elle est choue! Tu vois, ça attire même des gens qui n'y connaissent rien en dessin :D

@davidrevoy wow the rare all-lowercase-letters youtube url, better make a wish

Nice vid David! Thanks for sharing your insights, and yeah, I don't think people who design the tablet (buttons specifically) ever draw more than a couple of minutes on them,😆 also would have been much better to have double stylus than the rest of goodies, I've never finish one single nib!

All in all sounds like a good contender!👍🏼

@Quiralta Thanks!
Oh yes. Why they don't take example on buttons of gamepad? often comfortable and silent.
Sure, a second stylus would be better. Still difficult to believe the full pack of this tablet cost half the price of a Wacom stylus. 😆 They sell styluses for 21$ ; cheap enough to take a second one and do experimentations in case needed.
I'm happy too to see that situation with cheaper tablets and good spec.

@davidrevoy as well as a good review, this is a great story about FOSS driver advocacy.

@davidrevoy It looks like they actually mainline the drivers. Maybe your kubuntu kernel isn't updated enough :S

@stacyharper Ha, that's good! Thanks for the news. Yes, Kubuntu 20.04 is from April 2020 with a Freeze of main package on December 2019. It start to feel out of sync with reality of development on many aspect 😉 But 6 month only to get new 22.04LTS, so, I'll wait ☺️

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