@davidrevoy she is mastering magic of Chaosah or she is beliving it at this precise instant 😀

@davidrevoy Very nice, but I can't shake the feeling that the face should be better lit.

I think the highlight on the nose should be about the same intensity as the chin given that the head is looking ahead and the nose is protruding more than the chin. This shading would be OK if the head was oriented upwards and the chin was shadowing the nose.

The right side of the face (picturewize) is OK, but on the left the falling hair should be blocking more light, i.e. a bit less highlight on the jaw.

@hrx Oh yes, there is clearly room for possible enhancement. My focus was mainly on stylisation of shading and flatting as much as I can area with similar values.

@davidrevoy Nice !
But... you wrote "oc" in the # 😮
You've changed your mind since the ChougarFree podcast ?

@Petit_Lutin Thanks! If remember, on the podcast I said it became sad the default type of post for art was fan-art; and now "original creation" or "original character" had to label with "oc".

But true, I tried to resist; but I see the resistance is futile... So, I'm assuming making original creation.

It's just I see too many fan-art recently (eg. Twitter algo obviously reboost them on all timeline with the system "your friend likes xxxxx" to disguise adv, recently many Loki and Dune art).

@davidrevoy Hah. I also want to be able to do shit like that TO RELAX! :D

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