New NFT things: , (on blue bird @BabySongbirds ).

Don't buy them: it infringes my moral right ( and they added CC-By compliance just now after fans noticed.

You can collect same pictures here for free with better quality:

@craigmaloney Hehe, funny one.

( I could see that one by retyping it. I made a new mechanism for the generator to prevent Ddosing my own website with many generation from outside xD or hotlinking )

@davidrevoy Really cool generator. Sorry that you have to deal with this stuff.

@davidrevoy stumbled over this NFT explanation yesterday.
Hits the nail in my opinion 😄

@davidrevoy really good read in that it's very informative. Sorry you have to deal with this, that sucks :/

@davidrevoy Imagine if NFT becomes the name for procedurally generated profile images, and everyone forgets the crypto definition.

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