Illustrations I've made for Mobilizon: a free/libre federated tool to publish your events, your pages, your information… and to focus on organizing your group. The version 2 has just been released 👍

@davidrevoy I like the last 3. I like attention to detail -- how when they're lying - various things scattering all over show different interests, how everybody's working together sticking posters (basically summarizing what mobilizion does), and I like the last one showing the federated nature of the software. 👍

It would fit nicely in a presentation. If someone wants to talk about Mobilizion or Fediverse in general, these pictures will tell thousand words.

@davidrevoy @alcinnz hmm the Matrix room linked in the post does not exist. It would pay for them to create it so they can moderate the room.

@swansinflight @alcinnz Hey, I quickly had a look to the blog post; the Matrix room link point to a room with 241 participants; and access was free. I selected after clicking the link the Element client:

@davidrevoy interesting name they chose for it. I guess it’s aimed at activists?

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