🙂 I'm painting last details on episode 36, the release is for tomorrow!

@davidrevoy wow your art looks great!

I've been thinking about getting that same wacom tab, is that the large? can you use it as a mousepad or is that no good
@fluffy @davidrevoy as a mousepad you risk scratching it up which feels terrible through the pen.
Be Scottish and buy an intuos 3 or newer for less than 60 bucks

@fluffy Thanks!

The tablet is an Intuos4 XL (larger than the large model, but discontinued size; Wacom stopped this oversized tablet at Intuos4). It comes with a mouse; but any modern wireless mouse will be more confortable to use, imo. You can use the stylus to replace a mouse; but same here; I'm not fan of using the stylus this way (eg. video editing, 3D modeling, etc... I still prefer for that to use a mouse). I hope it will help!

@davidrevoy Thanks! It looks great. Do you have difficulty with the size of the tablet? For example are the distances you move your hand too large?

@fluffy Not large enough :) I use a lot my elbow and shoulder to draw , and keep wrist and finger for details. Even if it is Oversized/XL it is still smaller than using a Cintiq. But I wouldn't recommend this XL for all users; it's clearly in my case a preference. I had a Intuos3 Large for years before that one and really loved it too. If you are not used to large tablet, maybe better to try the large before trying a XL; or it will feel too big for the desk, and too large in general. 🙂

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