HI :)
Why are you using Kubuntu instead of KDE Neon?


Neon is Ubuntu based with KDE rolling. Rock stable. I tried Kubuntu many years ago but Neon is a way better.

There's maybe something I missing? Just curiosity :)

@somatalos Hey, two reasons:

1. Kubuntu comes with more preinstalled little comfort, Neon is a bit more DIY and barebone in comparison.

2. Getting all QT+KDE rolling on top is not "Rock stable". For example; over the last month, a part of Neon users and Arch user lost all thumbnails preview of their kra files. A situation where I couldn't work this way (and I know more example).

That's why I prefer (for the moment) Kubuntu. I'll see if future 22.04 will be as good as is still 20.04 🙂

I understand, personally I must admit that since the beginning with the user edition (there are also testing, unstable and dev branches) in all these years I haven't had major problems, that's why I said "rock stable". In fact I've been really impressed by the stability while having "the latest and greatest" via rolling.

The "problem" I had with Kubuntu, at least initially with Plasma 5, was that being Plasma a work in progress at that time, you lost 2 years of features etc. from one LTS to another, which is a lot.
Plasma is my favorite DE so i love to receive updates soon with stable LTS base.

Thinking about it now probably with Kubuntu 20.04 you have a pretty solid base.

Anyway as you said without the previews for example, you can't work. Good reasons, interesting. Thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciated! 😄

@davidrevoy La couverture est magnifique ! Au fait, pourquoi la version anglophone est autoéditée et la VF éditée chez Glénat ?

@stemy Merci! Au début, je ne voulais pas gérer moi même d'édition (oh, sagesse 😅), Pepper&Carrot était fait pour être édité par des tiers dans ma conception. Glénat (mais aussi d'autres) on accroché ce concept. Mais avec le temps qui passe; je me suis rendu compte qu'aucun éditeur U.S./U.K. n'a concrétisé. La license et la non-exclusivité à fait peur (il y a eu plusieurs soumission du dossier P&C en réunion, j'ai eu des discussions et retours). Je me suis donc résolu à le faire moi-même 😺


Have you tried kdp.amazon.com/fr_FR/

I have had the opportunity to publish books through it and I can say that it works and pays really well. It depends a lot on format, paper, colors, etc. but if you've never considered it, it's worth a look.

@somatalos The price is interesting (I checked) around 30% lower than my current printer and I guess shipping is competitive too...

But establishing a dependency to Amazon for my project is clearly a territory I would not enter. So, I prefer to get a product that ends 4€ more expensive and avoid this publicly known unethical beast.

If I remember correctly, shipping is included for Prime customers.

Unfortunately, publishers are not always ethical either.

You can also organize on your own, but unfortunately it is difficult to reach the entire audience. Potentially through KDP and print on demand you can reach all markets easily.

I fully agree with what you state. Sometimes there can be trade-offs though, all opportunities need to be evaluated.
I just wanted to share this information, maybe useful may not. 😀

Oh, btw. I purchased the Glénat volumes on Amazon so your work is already there. That's why I said KDP.

@somatalos Thanks for the comics 😉 Yes, being on Amazon is unavoidable for published artist (via official publishers). I'm not in control of that aspect. (same for having almost 20K of NFTs around Opensea with my name on them). That's part of the freedom of making commercial derivation.
But I'm not planning to maintain a eshop profile on Amazon. I'm still happy with the current P.O.D. service I have, and I spent a lot of time adjusting the 100% FLOSS workflow with them davidrevoy.com/article757/the-

You're welcome, thank you for the reply. Your work is amazing, also for the immense contribution, sharing and dedication to FLOSS. 🙏🖐️😃

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