@davidrevoy reminds me on the ending scene of Star Wars, where the heroes get their medals and stay on the stairs

@momo Ha, right, now I see it. It might be an effect of the framing of the characters, central one point perspective and the positive strong light.

@momo @davidrevoy

On the other hand, I got a strong 2D adventure game vibe when I saw the thumbnail - along the lines of Broken Sword or Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis.

Full size, it really does look like concept art for an adventure game starring Pepper and Carrot.

Full screen, it looks stunning. Amazing work.

Any chance of putting it on Redbubble as an art print?

@hrx @davidrevoy How do you know that I played those computer adventure games?

@momo @davidrevoy

Well... I didn't know that you did. If you didn't, i implore you that you do, because if you don't, you could miss a couple of great games. If you did, as I have done, I hope that you had a great time, as did I. :)


Thank you!
Oh, that's true about the composition. It would be a dream to get a point and click or adventure game staged like that, but I can't imagine the amount of work necessary to get something like that running 🙂 Good idea for the Redbubble, I tend to forgot about it.


@davidrevoy Wow this is gorgeous! Love the lighting and all those textures

@davidrevoy Magnifique, on ressent bien l'inspiration Inde/Moyen-Orient.

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