@danslerush Parfois, j'ai vraiment envie d'une parodie de Link dans Pepper&Carrot, un perso 'loyal bon' que j'appelerai Url ou Href 😆

@danslerush @davidrevoy Yeaahh !

En fait, "Url", ça peut faire un nom guerrier prononçable. Je vois bien "HRef" pour le nom du bouclier, l’élément qui repère Url sur la "map" ;)

(Dans Zelda 1, avec Link de face, on voit quasi que son bouclier et son bonnet qui dépasse à peine, j’exagère peut-être ;)

@davidrevoy wow …

… but why unsheating or sheating the sword from below? That will require turning the hand around the handle to make it ready to fight and makes it harder to sheet it precisely (I think — ask an experienced sword-fighter before believing me).

@ArneBab Thanks, Haha, true, hand position might not be the best 😅 , but for a warm-up morning sketch with zero references its ok... I should take sword basic courses or look at videos if I want to continue this character.

@davidrevoy I’m pretty sure I can get you in contact with people who do sword training if you wish to.

@ArneBab Oh thanks, That would be perfect if you can ask them just for a good video or a page that reference the basics (or one that reveal the common mistakes done in movies and video-games/comics).


👍 😍 Super! Part of my bookmark/references now. Thank you.


Just discovered @dadegroot (a blacksmith!) while I was searching who shared that YouTube channel…

@ArneBab @davidrevoy
Wow I'm really suprised by how deep you can go into details with things like these. I can see this having a huge effect in my perception of the sketch, even though I have no clue how I should draw a sword in an effective & fast way.

Either way great sketch! (ps. also maybe the character is as ignorant to the art of sword drawing as me 😄)

@davidrevoy lol the alt-text, before seeing it I thought "hey that's smol Link"

@davidrevoy What a good bean! I'd love to read about his adventures.

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