Stylisation research for "Pepper the traveler in incognito mode".
Why a stylisation research now?
Pepper&Carrot production report article with all the process and more artworks on the blog ⏩

(note: at the origin, the content of this blog post was a thread of 9 posts on the blubirb-site: , but I'm not sure threads are easy to read or write on Mastodon? Advices are welcome!)

@davidrevoy I really like the stylisation more than the more realistic shading. It's more clear and, for me, more pleasant to watch.

@davidrevoy and if I got your right, the style is now "the same" as on the previous comics but you optimized your drawing process to be more reproducible?

@davidrevoy well but not sure, the new style also looks more...crisp? For now, I would say I really like it and am happy how it will work on the new episode.

@leah Thank you! Yes, the style is now same than on covers; but not same than on previous episodes. I often ended into too thick line-art, or flat shading, or too grainy, not enough stylised shapes on webcomic ( Maybe ep26 was close: , recent ep34 too ) I think I really needed to sit-down and define an "art direction". The 'new style' will bring cleaner and crispier art than the painterly realism test. This is because by starting with a line-art, I start with details.

@davidrevoy oh yes with ep26, your examples in the post and the other episodes I now clearly see the differences. I think this is a good direction to work on.

@davidrevoy Threads work much in the same way: reply to your own posts. By default they're displayed in reverse order, but click one and you're sent to a page with the thread.

@davidrevoy Writing #threads is indeed more difficult on mastodon than on Twitter. No automation, every part has to be posted separately.
At least this is the case in the web client. It might be different in a native mastodon app, but I haven't tried one yet.

@marmarper @felix

Thanks for confirming. Ok for the reverse order, and the method to achieve threads using "replies".

It's imo a good system to update a post or two, or add thought to a toot (a chain of 3 or 4?) ; but not really easy to compose a long thread.

In any case, it's fine this way. I don't need to post all my content on Mastodon; I'll not get removed from timeline by algorythm if I invite to read an external link; so longer format will continue to belong to the blog.

@davidrevoy Looking at the final image ( ), the face in the bottom right image somehow look more intense, but on the bottom left it looks static. And the top images look a lot more inviting.

@ArneBab I totally agree! I think this more realistic style creates more drama. For sure I'll use that if I want to take distance to the humoristic tone of Pepper&Carrot. The style also call for a comic genre, sort of, I feel.

"inviting" is a very nice word! thanks. Also, I think it will be easier now to handle 'over the top' expression of Pepper.

Silly question: what is stylisation?

(I'm not an artist)

The image looks like a … concept board? Like you might get with Collector's Edition in video games.

@RyunoKi There is no silly questions! I think the demo of artist TBchoi here (the two first picture) show how increasing stylisation on a character creates variation. In extreme; it ends into a photographic realism on one side and an emoticon on another side. It's the amount of design decision made over realistic rules to make the rendering more aesthetic and easier to read.
Yes, the picture is a concept-art; it will help me as a reference when I'll draw Pepper.

@davidrevoy Although you often post timelapses of pieces, work in progress and such, things like this never really come to mind as something that might be a problem, because as a reader you just see the end result. I really love the style you've developed and am looking forward to the next chapters. :D

@davidrevoy Question, how old is Pepper supposed to be as of episode 37? The more stylized art style makes her look at least a few years younger than the alternative, I think largely because of the reduced detail on the lower half of her face.

@zwol Hi, true about stylisation and age.

Pepper on episode 37 has 18 y/o.

Pepper started at 11 y/o on episode 1, and grew from episode 2 to 14y/o, and at episode 20 she reached 17 y/o. She had now 18 y/o since episode 31.

Age will be easier to feel compared to other characters around her.

@davidrevoy Thank you. I can see how it will be easier for a reader to tell how old she is when she is around other characters.

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