Hey, welcome here friends from blue bird! 😉

@davidrevoy és un gran il·lustrador a qui seguir!

Great illustrator to follow!

@davidrevoy I was wondering whether I should follow you on birdsite as well but then I thought "why?"
I'm so happy to follow you on the fediverse that I don't see the need to do it elsewhere

@ashneehs Feel free to join/leave as much as you want to manage your accounts. I manually post all my news (no bot) and I spent more time here anyway connecting with other users. That's totally due to all the twit rules being annoying (algorithm/the non linear TL with 'X liked Y', 'popular' and 'you should follow X because your friends liked' and ads... Oh, and also tweets I missed appearing in my notifications)... Here it is easier to follow and interact, imo ☺️

@davidrevoy it really is! Besides mastodon feels more like home, family rather than birdsite.
Yep, I won't follow you there, but here hehehehehe

@davidrevoy hi hi!! Just joined mastodon recently! Glad to see you were on here!

@davidrevoy Haha, definitely here from the blue bird app. Great to see you here. :)

@davidrevoy Wow! Cool David - matrix, liberica! 👍 😀

@davidrevoy nice to see, mastodon trending in twitter trending section

@bytemaster Oh yes, that was impressive to see but probably also a trend that appear only for poeple in my 'algorithm bubble'. I'm not sure it was trending widely on full Twitter.

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