🎨 A painting/Fediverse experimentation:

With percentages of Red, Green and Blue, you can obtain a precise RGB color definition.

So, please vote for one or more color channel and with the mix of all the votes, I'll challenge myself to paint a fantasy landscape, using the result as the dominant color.

(PS: I'm doing full time inking/penciling on episode 37 and a bit of colored art cool-down would be great! Also I need a bit of 'Fedifun' this week. Thanks for your votes and boosts! )

1068 votes, 17h remaining, and it's not gray. Here is a snapshot at the RGB collective color with the result so far:

@davidrevoy it'll be interesting, but I'm betting you end up with grey 😆

@ted @davidrevoy I was wondering about that too! I wonder what would be better though: offering multiple-choice like this or making it single-choice? 🤔

@davidrevoy I was looking for a lazy way to work out the colour and remembered WolframAlpha:

Obvs you'll need to update the percentages.

@davidrevoy I initially thought you would create a colour from the RGB value of the votes. But I guess that would probably just be an off-grey whichever colour wins.

@toniwidmo Oh yes, that's the plan. I just posted a snapshot with the percentage of each channel.

@davidrevoy Okay, a teal-grey. Nice. I guess off greys have a lot of variation.

@toniwidmo Yes, it's amazing to see how the color in itself hasn't evolved much between 1000 votes and now 1852 votes 😺

@davidrevoy What's interesting here is that the colorspace is limited - for example, you can't obtain black this way unless nobody votes in the poll. Unless you clamp the result such that the color that receives the most votes is equivalent to HTML ff, then you'll never obtain white either, or anything close to it, because the three channels can't add up to more than 100%.

@jordan @davidrevoy you could use several of such selection/clamping methods to get a small and practical palette to work with 🤔

@batterpunts @jordan True; it sounds like this vote is a chaotic system with an obvious "great attractor " around 35% to 55% range in each color; and a bias maybe to blue or green because I annunced in the message I'll do a landscape (or maybe because blue is the a common favorite color over green and red).
I'm curious of what could have been a better design for the rules, using the same tool.

@davidrevoy If I understand correctly, your method restricts you to colours with 33% luminosity. If you want to do this with the full RGB colourspace, you might do red/green/blue/white as options. Then you say your origin is O=(0.5, 0.5, 0.5), and each colour corresponds to a vector pointing in the direction of the associated vertex of the [0, 1]³ cube representing the RGB colourspace: R=<0.5, -0.5, -0.5>; G=<-0.5, 0.5, -0.5>; B=<-0.5, -0.5, 0.5>; W=<0.5, 0.5, 0.5>. Multiply each vector by its percentage, add it to your origin, and your total can reach any point in the cube.

If everyone votes for the same colour, you get it at full saturation and brightness. You'll still get a grey if the RGB votes are evenly split, but its lightness can vary depending on the proportion of votes cast for white.

@jordan @batterpunts

I don't think the luminosity is locked to 33%: audience can vote for more than a single color channel(so result of additing RGB is not 100%); and lightness perception of Red, Green and Blue is very different. (Check HueChromaLightness aka HSY' colors in Krita for Lightness perception).

> You'll still get a grey if the RGB votes are evenly split

Yes, that's an effect I haven't predicted with percentage and votes; but it was probably obvious for someone in stats.

@jordan @batterpunts

@davidrevoy @khird
I'd propose a different method... We could take the RGB result of the original poll and convert it to HSV, then just set saturation and value to 100% and convert back to RGB. This would give a fully saturated color on the HSV color cone rim, while each vote still biases the result to itself. The chance for grey is miniscule, cause R, G, B would need to be equal for that.
You could do separate polls for saturation/value, but I'd think you'd need at least one degree of freedom.

@anathem @khird Yes, I'm planning to use a camaieu of the final color; I'll try to hold the final RGB color for the fun; but I'll need bright and dark accent; so playing on the value/saturation is probably necessary in any case. Thanks for the advices!

@davidrevoy @jordan keep the rules but use mathematical trickery to increase the contrast between the values, making the final color more saturated.

or simply take the hue you have now, and take artistic liberty around it


Yes, I'll probably use the full scale of lightness around the resulting color. I might even introduce a complimentary color accent in small touch to not end into a too monochromatic piece. Well, it will be an improvision, It will be fun 😺


@davidrevoy @batterpunts @jordan a trick could have been to make three polls, and then make each poll a "more [channel]" vs "less [channel]" choice. It would make it possible to reach all of the RGB space, even if it would still be a bit biased towards the middle colors, due to the expected random distribution of answers.

@davidrevoy Looks to be a grayish color so far, if you were looking for a break from black and white this isn't going to be so far off 😆

@davidrevoy I wanted to vote red, but something blueish would look better on my red wall.

Blue is generally the world's favorite color, so that will probably win.

@davidrevoy I'm conflicted. I'm glad it's not gray (or grey), but I'm on the losing team. C'mon Red!

@wmd @bremner
💜 Purple! 🐙 🐛 🍇 ; but for that we need more red and slighly more blue so, go team Red! ❤️ 🏮 💄

@Nox @davidrevoy @bremner @wmd I actually voted purple to start with! Seeing that red's behind, though, I'm willing to settle for a blueish green if that helps it not be grey 😅

@aety Honnestly, if this one was the final; I would be happy and probably do something like an underwater landscape: "Release the Kraken!"-like , with ruin of a atlantid lost city, etc... Yes, not bad dark teal. I'm curious if it will continue to grow to more greish or more interesting.

would be interesting to have a graph over time for each color percentage.


Yes, would have been. I'll play a bit after penciling my page today to see how RSS reader can retrieve information from an on-going poll; if I can grep that; making a cron script that wget the RSS and Sed the values before pushing them into a CSV could be easy. A bit late for this one, but something maybe for a future Fediverse experiment.


@davidrevoy So far it looks like a sea color for old/fantasy maps, i didn't see the bit about using it in a landscape, just that'd be a major influence of a piece.

@Notsonoble Yes, a color for something like an underwater landscape: "Release the Kraken!"-like , with ruin of a atlantid lost city, etc... 🐠

@doomer_jesus Hehe, good description. You give me the idea to ask for feelings about the color in my post when the final color will be posted. It will be for sure good "food for inspiration".

@davidrevoy there used to be something similar a while ago, but i can't remember where. The result was also something greenish.

@petrisch Ha, good to know someone experimented also with similar idea already. I think it will end probably on my poll into the same type of greyish green result 😆

@lilianalytic that is actually a point! Maybe the purpose of this exercise is to show that grey really isn't that bad?

If nothing else, it opens our eyes to the fact that there can be multiple shades of grey 👀


Any type of yellow would be greatly apreciated, mustard even more.

@senfcall Hehe, to get a mustard, Red and Green channels would probably need super high score (not sure it is possible with the percent system of Mastodon votes). Something like that:

Challenge: Can we get a yellow color (as in @senfcall logo) by voting without checking results?


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