I'm preparing my slides for the festival, and this one sums-up easily my best carreer decision.

@davidrevoy might add "Rawtherapee" or "Darktable" to the List as a replacement for Adobe lightroom. And I can highly recommend the webpage in case newbies are looking for alternative solutions for their problems

@jakob_thoboell Hey, it's a slide from my Bio, explaining a change I made in my life back in 2009. Not an 'alternative to' talk.

I was a pro digital painter/illustrator at that time, Photoshop teacher in CG high school and concept artist. I wasn't using Photographer software.

The aim of this slide is to show what was my decision back at this time, after an issue with Vista hardware Ps and Corel Painter licenses.

But thank you for adding information on the comments.

@davidrevoy I see. Didn't get, that the complete talk is about biography.
I am sorry.

IN case of my biography, The discovery of Darktable as an alternative to lightroom was the last important step to finally completly leave Windumb.

@davidrevoy how did you find the move in 2009? Was it difficult or pretty straight-forward?
And did you do that all at once?

@stragu It was hardcore difficult; tablet support required editing many X11 files as root; digital painting software with a bit of features required to be compiled manually, and performance were attrocious... (Like Krita couldn't paint smoothly on a 500x500px canvas at this time). But it was also pure joy of hacking, and statisfaction to make it work; to find alternative in a world were no alternatives was the default. Nowadays it's much much easier and tools are great.

@davidrevoy great to hear how much easier it has become to switch. Thanks for being a trailblazer and sharing your experience! I switched to open source OS and tools in 2008. It certainly has come a long way. But I have never been a heavy user of the tools you mention - I’m only getting started with Inkscape right now.

@davidrevoy awesome! Will you posting this talk on your blog? I'm pretty curious, as a pro concept artist at that time, how did you circumvent the pressure in the industry to stay on the Adobe toolchain because that was what everyone was using? Even now, it seems like if you want to work in certain fields of art in certain studios (esp. in entertainment) jumping on the adobe ship is a must, which kind of annoys me...

@lisemakesart Hey, it's a French festival, that started around 10 years ago; and that happens in a small town around the castle of the town (with tent and camping). Often in start of June. It has dozen of thousands visitors, many famous Youtubers, a large cosplay contest, a super big tent to play board game and RPG, retrogaming, etc... It's a very cool event. I speek more about it here now I'm back:

@davidrevoy sounds like great fun! I'll check out your link. Thank you 😊

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