My big article is done!
I wrote this for other digital painters who wants to switch to Free/Libre and Open-Source.
"Fedora 36 KDE Spin for a digital painting workstation: reasons and post-install guide".

@davidrevoy I've been running Fedora since Fedora Core 3 in 2005. In all that time, I've only ever had one major issue upgrading when the switch from BIOS + MBR to EFI + GPT was made years ago. Other than that, Fedora upgrades predictably take ~45 minutes every 6 months and work well.

@be Oh wow, that's so cool to know!

Here I never had luck with that. Only once here and there on a Linux Mint, or between two minor 'beta' 'buntu. But never between two 'buntu LTS. For me, new LTS always meant full backup, wiping all disk except /home and reinstalling.

Imagine my sincere surprise when my laptop performed the Fedora 35 to 36 last May without an issue. I was sold 😺

@davidrevoy I've heard many Ubuntu LTS and Debian users say that upgrading to new OS releases is often fraught with troubles. I'm not sure why it's so much easier with Fedora. Maybe because the changes aren't as big with a 6 month release cycle?

My experience with upgrades has been similar to your and Be's - no problems with Fedora and after two *buntu upgrades-in-place that left the computer unbootable, *buntu upgrades are always wipe&reinstall. Also, try exiftool for stripping EXIF info and KRename for batch renaming files.

I think it's because of the Fedora QA project (kudos to them) and benefits by staying close to upstream projects - Fedora releases can and do have major changes - it is a testing ground for RHEL.


Oh thanks for KRename, I was really looking for something like that. 👍

Yes for exiftool, I already use it on all my photos (a script) and I try to be super cautious to not publish GPS coordinate of my photos at home. (around 2016, someone sent me by email a google map photo of my house with the location of my desk on the house, rooftop view, that was scary).

And same experience for *buntu upgrades-in-place.


@davidrevoy I too installed Fedora's KDE spin like three weeks ago and it's been really solid Thank you for putting this together. I really hope to see the strangehold of adobe on creative market end somewhen.

Looking through the article it seems to be put together quite well. Keep up the work!

@davidrevoy Oooooh, thanks so much for this! I just settled for Mint with my go-to desktop-environment Gnome but what you're writing sounds super good, I hope I'll remember that when I distro-hop next time ^__^

Keep up the good work! You were a direct inspiration for me to use #FreeSoftware at least for my private projects and while it is still a kinda bumpy ride it's also very satisfying.

@davidrevoy Thanks for the follow and being such an inspiring artist! I also love your #tablet reviews / workspace videos ^__^

My dream #hardware would be a #laptop that could do (some light) #3D work as well as drawing on a #touchscreen, so kinda Surface Studio but it looks like it's almost impossible to get #Linux to run on it (let alone getting the pen to work). It hopefully be a few years until I need new hardware so maybe I'll find something until then.

@jfml Keep the good work! the art you pinned is really cool. I love the witches!

Yes, I had same dream and this year I bought a refurbished SurfacePro3 (compatible Linux) to have a Linux tablet that can do a bit everything on the go; but at the final it is not good experience. I'll try to compile a little (negative) review about it for the fun on the blog later ☺️ I hope we'll have such device with better stylus, CPU/Battery and latency in the future too!

@davidrevoy Interesting, please do! I'm still drawing on an iPad and was wondering if there was an Linux alternative but haven't really looked into it. I guess you could go for android but not sure if I'd bother with that since it's not really much more #FOSS than Apple imho.

And thanks! Yeah, I love the witches as well ^__^

@jfml In my experience (I tested an Ipad with drawing only the time of single doodle at Krita foundation, it was part of the testing hardware owned by lead dev of the project) this type of device doesn't exists yet on GNU/Linux; and Android devices I tested had all very bad stylus, latency and poor overlay sheet options. Too bad for me, I really would like this type of device, but 100% Free/Libre. 😊

@davidrevoy Mh, that is sad to hear. Then again I find it kind of a pain to have to manage transferring work from the tablet to the pc, so ideally I'd want to do it at the pc anyways. I can't really get into a drawing on a tablet that isn't a monitor at the same time (can never remember what these are called +___+). And the touchscreen tablets are still a bit of an investment …

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