😩 Summary of my emails with Xencelabs, PicassoTab, Huion, XpPen, Artisul and UGEE: it's hopeless. 😅

@davidrevoy non you don't want to ask for a driver.

You want to ask for the specifications so you can find someone to write a proper driver.
Specifications are part of the user manual.


@mmu_man xD I'll try. But I'm not sure I can review their tablet on my channel or my blog with a set of specifications in hands. 😆

@davidrevoy it takes more time, but at least you can write the driver the way you want.

Program in C# 


At least there is OpenTabletDriver as an alternative for some of those tablets.

Program in C# 

@tytan652 Thanks, I saw it last winter but never tested.
What model have you tested with it and on what system?

Program in C# 


I have a Huion 420 that I rarely used on my Arch Linux.

@davidrevoy drivers have literally zero reason to be proprietary.

They are only meant to be used with certain devices THAT YOU'VE BOUGHT!!! Making source code of a driver visible won't help you make a new device and infringe on patents or what not.

And even if one driver also works for another device of the same category, SO FUCKING WHAT THEN? It's not like anybody lost anything as the result.

So what is the point of proprietary drivers? There's none!

@drq @davidrevoy
>So what is the point of proprietary drivers? There's none!
>So what is the point of proprietary drivers?
>So what is the point of proprietary

@drq Yeah... Telemetry. Wacom was already caught hands full in the honey pot: .It made top news of many tech website and had to publish apologies and fix it (by adding option for consent, of course).
I guess it is the same here. Brands wants to know who use their driver, for what, how long... I would probably advice someone installing their driver to put the executable behind a strong firewall rule.

@srestegosaurio @drq On proprietary O.S; it looks like, yes. The article of Robert Heaton concludes the system was reactivated after the shitstorm.

No telemetry on libwacom , xf86-input-wacom and input-wacom on GNU/Linux for sure; these are open-source projects and Free/Libre.

@davidrevoy @drq That's good to know. Thanks for the info.

I think that I can add that to the pile of stuff that I like from Linux.
@davidrevoy @srestegosaurio @drq I'm waiting for my Wayland compositor to add support for libwacom, can't wait.

@straw @drq @srestegosaurio I thought it already had, like, since years (one of the first thing made on Gnome3 on Wayland). But anyway; with Mypaint broken on Wayland and Krita having trouble and bugs to run as a XWayland app, it has not a lot of point for painters to move to Wayland right now.

@davidrevoy @drq @srestegosaurio is Krita broken when running not on XWayland native? it was ironically always broken on KDE for me, the menu bar didn't show up so I couldn't export images.

I use labwc, which is a small wlroots-based compositor, which can receive wacom input but doesn't do anything with it.


On X11, it works fine; but depends the package. Appimage has all the patched Qt and fine tuned library version to get the less bug on it.

@davidrevoy I'm naïve, I know, but shouldn't this be just malware and therefore illegal then?

(And btw, telemetry in and of itself is not a mortal sin. Whereas enabling it by default without the slightest notice, in my book, should be)

@drq Yes, it was malware/illegal (at least in today's world Europe with RGPD, and bypassing user consent). But on Twitter, someone pointed me that now Wacom ask at install, but the sentence let think the hardware will function worst without accepting it; and the button to reject is difficult to find (a dark pattern). This , and a ToS and a "I accept" when user just install and want to benefit of their hardware makes it possible legally now.

@drq @davidrevoy Proprietarians going to think propietarily by default :(
(_Constantly_ have to have this conversation at an ostensibly "open first" company ...)

@drq @davidrevoy @alcinnz I'm convinced most drivers are proprietary so there's no smoking gun demonstrating their slapdash construction

@drq @davidrevoy Sometimes the driver is doing interesting things that give a competitive advantage.

I don't like it but it happens.

@davidrevoy I've thought about getting #artisul tablet as replacement for my ancient #wacom. How it's doing under #linux? What distro do you use? :)

@sivar Hey, no idea. I refused the hardware for a review because they came back with a proprietary driver. So, I never tested.

Right now, I'm using:

@psychicferret Heu... I "know" : they made it for my video review . But it is "closed source" and not open-source and libre as I asked them. That's the point of this meme. I have same situation and pattern repeating again with other brands... ...

@davidrevoy ah I get you. Btw love the comic keep on arting and cheers for your valuable service to the Krita community

@davidrevoy that's really some dedication to help minorities with captions!

@post ☺️ I met (thanks to signing sessions) followers with vision impairment or deficiencies. I learned about Braille Devices, and small tips on the web that makes their life easier. They have a fantastic ability to workaround website and situations; but they shouldn't be the one who does the extra effort. With all of that at mind, I can take a little time for adding captions.
Thank you for noticing!

@davidrevoy Eh? Even XP-Pen?

Well at least mine just works since it's supported in the linux kernel.

Yes, even Xp-Pen... I know them well because we were partner for a sponsored review/video. I asked them a FLOSS driver, and it was them among the first to comeback with a proprietary (Qt based) driver. In my video review, I rant about it

For your XpPen on Linux, it means your distribution ship the kernel module Digimend, a community project maintained by a single dev, in a long pause right now ( look at the date of last commits ,and PR)

@davidrevoy Nah, the XP-Pen Deco 1 (basic one, no funny things like a display) is supported out of the box without any additional drivers.


@lanodan I see. It looks like I stand corrected. Thank you for taking the time to point the driver's code in the source of the kernel itself. I had no idea it was possible! That's pretty cool for these tablets 🙂

@davidrevoy Well I did the digging before buying it, I heard some folks saying it had support out of the box and I wanted to be sure.

@amoonrabbit No 😆

But for sure they have manager and technical director who went to same school or use same method, I often get same type of reasoning on email and argument.
Drivers are also similar often: proprietary for Linux with in majority an archive with a binary executable (closed), X11 rules, *.desktop menu,Qt library and a and

Only Gaomon, on their blog, advice the FLOSS Digimend project , that's why I haven't put it on this list.


Xencelabs dongle probably is just bluetooth and they don't want people to know that. Similar like the logitech unifying receiver.

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