Enclose and Fill Tool
A feature made by Deif Lou and coming soon in Krita 5.1

@davidrevoy I don't normally use these kinds of features but I feel like I'm gonna have to.

@davidrevoy Makes me think about switching from Gimp. Going to have to investigate :krita: Krita now to see what's changed since I last used it over 5 years ago. :thinking:

@davidrevoy That looks very interesting! Is it a kind of local version of the colorize mask?

@yncke Hey, no. Unfortunately, I find it less powerful than colorize mask (no auto gap closing yet), if you want more details, you'll find this document by Deif Lou:

@davidrevoy Oh yes, very powerful. I love the feature, but for big images, it's rather demanding of my old machine. :)

Thank you for the link, very interesting!

@davidrevoy AGH This is going to be great for coloring animation!

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