Just received a gift: a Intuos Pro Large from Wacom. They plan to reuse on their blog some of my illustrations/tutorials (eg. on tablet ergonomics). They wanted to thanks me because all my content was already available for free on my blog under Creative Commons CC-By ☺️ So cool!

@davidrevoy oh nice, i have the same one, it's a pretty nice one, too.

@davidrevoy Nice to see companies acknowledging the value of an open artistic culture!

@davidrevoy indeed, that's a nice Way from #Wacom to saying Thank you. 😃

@bloodywing Exactly, no contract, no obligation, no link back. A real gift...

and because I feel totally free....

I'll probably share a review on my blog 🤣

Oh if it is marketing psychology, it's genius...

Do they want to bribe you to hide their unrestrained data collection behind?

@NachtFarben Just sending a gift without any conditions/contracts would be probably a bad move to bribe someone.
Since the Google Analytic affair on their Windows/Mac Proprietary driver ( ) they added checkboxes to share data to third party. It's of course reported to be behind a “deceptive design pattern” but I never tested the Windows version. Here I'll use test it under Gnu/Linux where they share spec to build a quality Free/Libre Driver with no privacy issue.

Let's leave the psychological effect of corporate gifts aside and hope that Wacom has learned its lesson and wants to respect the privacy of its users with open drivers. In this context, they are in exactly the right place with you. 👍​

@davidrevoy @NachtFarben Ping Cheng from Wacom is a main author of the open source and mainline Linux driver from start, maybe 15 years ago.

@davidrevoy It's a great gift. I've been using this tablet for 14 years now :). Congrats!

@davidrevoy That's a neat move by wacom. And of course it's super cool of you to publish your work as CC-BY.

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