@davidrevoy great! Could you tell me your monitor's screen resolution? My screen resolution doesn't have that much space lol

@Roxxor It helps a tiny fraction of my audience with autism spectrum disorders who feel really uncomfortable with pictures featuring eye contact (check Wikipedia for more sources/info about it).

By putting a CW, it allows them to prepare themselves for eye contact before clicking.

I wish a better system existed to metadata upfront a post with 'eye contact' and let each profile set their preferences about it. But without that, the workaround is to use the CW + eye contact keyword.

@davidrevoy @Roxxor 2D is a good gateway helping people feel comfortable.

@LoliHat @Roxxor

Yes, I can imagine 2D artworks, digital paintings, paintings, and drawings can soften the effect compared to a real photorealistic portrait.
But I never read a study confirming it (I limited my search to Wiki) nor I never spoke with the target audience of the CW eye contact about it.
It can be an interesting question to publicly ask, but I'm afraid of getting more replies based on politics and trolls in this type of thread instead of real testimony and scientific evidence.

@davidrevoy @Roxxor

Understandable. No intention here to speak about politics on this matter. Just an observation and opinion of approval.

@davidrevoy @Roxxor I didn't know that was a thing but I bet I'd be fine around people who have this because I often have trouble establishing eye contact for more than a split second with anyone I talk to.

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