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@davidrevoy is that just a ballpoint pen. I was trying to do inking with a ball point pen and had a hard time varying the line weight

@scottpetrovic Yes,it's ballpen only.I'm using it on a rather smooth but thick paper (220g/m²) and with a soft cutting-plastic-pad under;maybe it ease creasing a bit the paper on high pressure and get a thicker line.I like how ballpen can do very thin lines.I fell in love with ballpen during last Inktober.It's first time I'm doing proper traditional inking on a P&C episode. I hesitated during longtime because ballpen are often perceived not as a proper tool to ink comic. But it works with me :D

@davidrevoy @scottpetrovic Love that classic 4-color! Muji sells a 6 color that adds orange pink and cyan, but it might be too thin to get that nice effect

@ah @scottpetrovic Thank you Anton for pointing this brand; first time I heard about it but I saw the review here youtu.be/7G9mA_SQlgw and the light blue and orange looks cool. I'll try to purchase one :)

@davidrevoy Super! J'avais commencé à apprendre Krita avec les vidéo, je crois que je vais m'y remettre 😄

@davidrevoy Bouhhhhh 👎 placement de produit ! 😂

@Aznorth Ha ha ha 😂 A moi les richesses de l' "économie digitale"! Appréciez Messieurs-Dame ce stylo magique-qui-dessine-trop-bien a moins de 0.60 centimes et ... ... Mmm... a bien y réfléchir, je risque pas de faire fortune de suite...