🚀After a month of work, I launched the new Pepper&Carrot website! Discover the new features and contents → davidrevoy.com/article722/

📻 My reaction to a podcast episode almost fully dedicated to Pepper&Carrot by Digital Strips → Blog post: davidrevoy.com/article719/

A big thank you for all who came to meet me at in Lyon.

Thank you for those who bought original drawings, for those who came with their albums, for the fan-arts I received (which I will publish soon) and for those who came to the conference today... That was great!

Photo: @pyg (Director/Managing Director at Framasoft) and me at JdLL 2019.

📽️ New video tutorial: Coloring with "Colorize-mask" in Krita: → youtu.be/HQdx6H9BIGs

(also on :peertube: Peertube, check @shichimi )

You know what, I decided to darken the Pepper&Carrot website for the next days. I hope this will draw attention to the risk that creators incur with censorship machines and upload filters everywhere.


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