Pepper&Carrot séances de dédicace/signing sessions:
★ 16 Nov, Toulouse: Capitole du Libre
★ 27 Nov, Paris: A Livr'Ouvert
★ 29&30 Nov, Montreuil: Salon du Livre
★ 31 Nov: Toulouse Game Show

@Alivrouvert @capitoledulibre

🎃 Wishing you a spooky Halloween!
(Here is a mini comic I drew in 2016)

's mascot: I made a vector puppet from my sketch in to ease futures derivations and maintainance.

Thread & sources:

WIP coloring the book cover: I resized the characters and added a new idea. Thank you for the feedbacks!

📚 I'm making a big high quality English Pepper&Carrot comic book using only FLOSS from scratch! Here is a first blog post report (a bit technical) of my research and test with , and on 18.04.2 LTS:

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