Reminder: last evening for the yearly Krita Developer Fundraiser "Let’s squash the bugs". Already 7 months of bug fixing funded! That's great but not enough to fund a full year of bug fixing. Krita is my main tool, if you also use consider it →

New project on Pepper&Carrot website: "The documentation for contributors"

- Translate with Inkscape and a Web Browser only
- Git workflow
- CC-By best practise
... and an API!

Another complex panel for future episode 26. I wish I could paint faster.

📈 Debriefing time.
Thank you all for the feedback yesterday! 👍

Thanks for all the ideas yesterday! So, mascot, round 2: A, B or C?

🎦 New video tutorial with tips to paint over 3D mock-up:

(note: Peertube link soon; check replies of this toot)

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