Second and third panel for the next Pepper&Carrot episode: Pepper's plan wasn't really effective.

🎉 Happy anniversary KDE! For this occasion, I painted this artwork (using on , of course).
→ The party continues on

New video: tips to fix your drawing and linearts on Krita
→ Ptb:
→ Ytb:
(Yay! I finished my video tutorial started wednesday afterall)

✨ The Treasure
Source, layers and high resolution:
Thanks all for suggesting purple color for the dragon, it was a good choice.

I'm enjoying this week-end back from vacation doing DIY on my tablet, desk and stylus. And, in order to test the new setup, I started this drawing (not related to the future episode). I'm curious: what color would you choose for this big sleepy dragon?

Sketch vs Final − a recent work for Framasoft. I delivered many more today for them. Expect to see that published by September 😉

Tomorrow will be the release of Pepper&Carrot episode 35! 🥳 I’m currently working on the final details of this big episode. Here is a sneak peek into page 1.

New derivation: a very well made 10min backstage video published by Morevna team. They are converting Pepper&Carrot Episode 3 into a motion comic with only Free/Libre and Open-Source Software and they explain their process.


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