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A feature made by Freya Lupen for future Krita 5.2

Last Pepper&Carrot signing session of the season: at Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, bookstore "Le Tracteur Savant", Sunday 10 July, 10h to 12h30.

Here is a quick painting about this beautiful place:

I forgot to show you something that many users will praise: the new HSV color selector of 5.1(beta1), it can be activated on the "Specific Color Selector" docker. 🎨

🤩 Layer indentation! That's another cool option I discover in this 5.1(beta1). Now I can finally read the names of my layers in my sub-sub-groups 😆

Very cool new setting in 5.1(beta1): use separate cursor settings for eraser. 😍

I'll be on Sunday 3 July in Toulouse for a signing session at the book store "Les Petits Ruisseaux" from 10h to 13h.

Here is a painting of the lovely bell tower of the Basilica of Saint-Sernin, Toulouse.

Two signing sessions incoming this week!
- PARIS: Fri. 24, 16h-19h, at @Alivrouvert bookstore.
- AMIENS: Sat.25, 11h-12h, 15h-18h, at RDVBDAmiens comic festival (, with a drawing demo on large screen from 14h-15h).

Here is a quick painting about Amiens:

My big article is done!
I wrote this for other digital painters who wants to switch to Free/Libre and Open-Source.
"Fedora 36 KDE Spin for a digital painting workstation: reasons and post-install guide".

Video shots while digital painting on my previous illustration. (1min15sec, 720p)

New Pepper&Carrot derivation: a short scene animated coming with a fully detailed and making-of. A project done by Purism's Creative Director @francois .

You can read the full making-of here:

I really liked the result and all the production tips on the article (the compositing!). A very good resource if you are interested into animation with Free/Libre and Open Source tools.


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