@LibreFaso Bonjour, merci pour les mots sympas sur mes illustrations; malheuresement je suis occupé jusqu'en 2022 et je choisi moi-même mes contributions en dessin quand elles sont bénévoles. Bonne continuation, votre projet est très intéressant, j'ai lu avec attention votre site.

@Wolthera it was really difficult to work with the hot weather over the last week.

Fortunately, night are still fresh... 🦉 🌜

Tomorrow will be the release of Pepper&Carrot episode 35! 🥳 I’m currently working on the final details of this big episode. Here is a sneak peek into page 1.

😆 Ha true, we don't have "sweet", so we everything sweet is "sucré" even if it doesn't contains "sucre". But I'm pretty sure this rule doesn't apply for sal/salty: "salé" contains probably always "sel". 🙃 Have a good tea!

joke, "you're making it worse, Serge!" 

@emacsen 😂 😂 😂 hehe

@matt @June Hi, I'm using Krita for peppercarrot.com/ and Inkscape. Both are multi-platform and Free/Libre and Open-Source (they are run by non-profit org, based on donation and code is open to volunteer).

I also share my Linux install receipe here: davidrevoy.com/article783/kubu

Good luck −I was a Photoshop teacher 10years ago− and switching to another tool often mean doing many compromises. I hope you'll find features attractive enough on alternatives to ease adaptation and make it fun.


it's not the creative people that are getting the extra money - it's the print company. My small part from a $21 book will remain the same once price will jump to $35.

Mainly a problem of COVID inflation and Brexit, afaik, and probably other companie issue.

@viennawriter Thanks! Yes... Also, the fully open-source book-publishing project was so far a very hard fight, with 7 print-proof necessary and years of experimentation, with Scribus bugs, with ICC bugs and the setup of a repo and dynamic translatable book... All in all, I lost more than I won on this battle, and now −when I thought it was stable enough to publish my book 4− this price hike.

I'll evaluate soon if I still have the resources and energy to maintain it. 😔

Non, il ne l'est pas.
Pour la petite histoire, Glénat m'on fait savoir qu'ils avaient commandé l'Art book. Puis ensuite m'ont dit en avoir fait une version maison abrégée 'cadeau pour les libraires'. Donc sans doute un tirage limité (que je n'ai jamais vue encore). C'est tout.

😩 The printer of my self-published comic books announced a dramatic increase of prices (+45%) starting 1st July. That's sad... So, if you want them, I invite you to shop in June before the price hike: drivethrucomics.com/browse/pub


New derivation: a very well made 10min backstage video published by Morevna team. They are converting Pepper&Carrot Episode 3 into a motion comic with only Free/Libre and Open-Source Software and they explain their process.
Blog-post: davidrevoy.com/article849/deri

@spf Dans le future proche et avec un gros disque dur externe. Et je ramène en 2021 toutes les repos Git des projets FOSS pour que tous les dev puisses prendre des vacances pendant des années en faisant que du cherry-picking des commits qu'i⋅elles auraient fait de toute manière 😁 (et aussi les numéros gagnants du loto pour tous les copains/copines tant que j'y suis... un classique). Je pense par contre que j'éviterai de prendre des nouvelles du mondes, de ma famille, etc... no spoiler. 😅

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