@RogerBidon Merci! Dans la BD; aucun à ma conaissance avec le même modèle.

🎙️ [for French speakers] Here is a 1h35min discussion I had on the podcast ChougarFree with Arezki Sugar about various topics: patronage, webcomics, publishing, NFTs and more. It was nice to be able to take time on each topics and reply in my native language.

- Apple Podcast: podcasts.apple.com/fr/podcast/
- Spotify: open.spotify.com/episode/33wPG
- More: linktr.ee/chougarfree

@cwebber @spritelyproject 👍 Bravo!
If you find an effect difficult to emulate or reproduce; let me know; I'll be happy to explain how I did it.

@Madmonkey Yes, I kept this one unchecked; because even if there is davidrevoy.com/article607/endl and davidrevoy.com/article818/deri , (and soon Pepper in SuperTuxKart) it's not really full games with a support for gamepad; like −one ready to play for all audience and fully based on Pepper&Carrot. Unless I don't know another project you had in mind?

David Revoy a partagé

@lps Thank you! That was a diificult excercice. 🙂

@Quiralta Thanks! Yes, exactly. I'll try my best now to advice them to invest their budget and development resources into Merge Request for Digimend instead of their in-house non-free and closed driver.

They could even fork Digimend and release things on the top if they need control over the release process; I would still be happy as long as they use standard and publish their code under a decent license 😋 (and seriously, 80% of the work is done on Digimend...)

@trinsec Hey, yes: the video will be around 10 min; but a rich blog post going more in depth with scripts, tweaks, and methods explained will be attached.
I also always recently add subtitles, so no problem for that.

@lanodan It's a screenshot from my webcam ; sorry about the resolution. No worry, the resolution on monitor is crystal clear, I'll try to capture that. (not easy because all I have to film is a webcam 1080p and a smartphone) hard to have a setup that is able to film and the desk, and the content on the monitor.

This afternoon I start the filming of the XPPen Pro 24 review after 48h of deep tests. Oh dear: there is a lot to say about it.

@newokmyne Thanks! They propose a proprietary driver with an impressive list for distributions, I never saw that on other tablet brand so it is a good point (even if it is proprietary).

I have no idea how Digimend might support it; but I'll also test it.

@Quiralta Yep, same here. For the Huion WH1409, I gambled around 120€ of my pocket (to not use it) so I wasn't really motivated to try that from my pocket on another brand, especially on a large one (probably around $1000USD ).

Testing it will spice my evenings this week. 😊

@tomtom1978 Oui (pas de soucis pour répondre en Fr) ici, ce qui m'inquiète c'est si le driver est 'quiché' (genre avec des bourrages d'évenements; X/Y+pression+tilts se bouscule à l'USB) et comment l'écran gère son bouclier magnétique pour pas mettre le bazard dans les retour du stylet. En gros; il faut que ça trace en live avec beaucoup de FPS; et pas de tremblements. Au déballage, la surface de l'ecran, le plastique, le stylet... ça à l'air assez correct.


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