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.:: ♪ There's someone in my head, but it's not me ♫ ::.

Have a great week Mastodon !

The dark side of the Moose...

Yeah, I know that's a bit silly but I found that funny :)
Though there's probably already tons of lame pun like this one, I still felt motivated enough to draw it ;)
And that's one of my favorite albums.

- #mastoart #art #illustration #lamePun-
:: Better res on website ::

David Revoy a partagé

OK everybody, we have just 2 days to raise $17k. We have no marketing or campaigns staff @conservancy so we count on you to spread the word. Please help!!

David Revoy a partagé

I swear i didn't arrange this on purpose. They line up to stare at me when they're hungry

David Revoy a partagé
2 years of Contributopia

#Framasoft association concluded its #contributopia journal. It's about #FOSS of course, but also about reflecting on the Web we want and how to get there.

The journal, beautifully illustrated by @davidrevoy and fully responsive (test it!), depicts the initial idea and goals, the progress made so far (#peertube and now #mobilizons development), what worked and what didn't, and what's next.
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I received a minute ago the second printed attempt: worst.😩 At the same time, I start to be more familiar with all bugs, fresh or already reported (and I have ideas for workarounds). The quest continues on a path full of traps. I'll detail about it once I'll have a good result.

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@davidrevoy @KekunPlazas Pepper&Carrot is available in last Komikku release (only 8 languages supported for now)

New production report about the future episode of Pepper&Carrot where I detail my recent research on drawing, and workflow in general. Link →

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If you've ever wondered why people say tools like Scribus aren't ready for professional production work let me share this blog post by @davidrevoy

This should be a slam dunk. David knows what he's doing and One Bookshelf provides instructions that clearly show how to produce a PDF to their specifications.

We need to do better, folks. Color Profiles that work for everyone except FOSS tools are unacceptable. Period. There are no excuses for this.

📗 I have in my hand the first English Pepper&Carrot book done with 100% FLOSS! But I'll need to redo it and explore workarounds: colors are wrong 😩 ... article:

...and TGS and this epic week of signing sessions is over now. It was cool! I'll return to my desk and paint episode 31 now. (I'm still waiting the first printed proof from the printer for the book project...)

Montreuil signing session day 1 on Glenat Publisher booth: you were a lot, i drew non-stop! 😅 (Thank you)

Thanks a lot to all the one who came at the signing session yesterday and to @Alivrouvert ! It was magic🥰 Here is a sample of artworks i drew on the books:

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