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Because @davidrevoy posted about Kdenlive I had to immediately try it out with the time-lapse of this piece. :D Thank you for letting me know about this software!


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I like the new 21.04! I just finished the edit of a new video tutorial with it (about 'shading', I'll post it later today) and the new auto-generated subtitle feature with speech recognition saves me 2h of work! (and surprisingly this one recognise my heavy French accent with a high percentage of success). Such a typing burden I did weekly to do less... Thanks again devs! And new keyframe actions are also lovely to use. 💜

More info about the release: kdenlive.org/en/2021/04/kdenli

Here is the 'Penguin Wizard' of my workshop at 2021, and also the two live doodles inspired by discussions and good time in the virtual lobby room. A lot of fun! Details and description on my blog: davidrevoy.com/article837/

Hey, here is a new video "Krita Colorize-Mask: Advanced Tips" where I share what I found to get better results and work faster while coloring my previous episode of Pepper&Carrot.
Ptb: peertube.touhoppai.moe/videos/
Ytb: youtu.be/M-NNUdnPgbM

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What's that Craig?

Penguicon is this weekend?

Why, yes, it is, and have we got a line up of awesome folks for you to come visit:


It's not to late to register, but you'll want to make sure you register soon. Procrastinate on this and you'll miss out on all the great panels we have lined up:

Learn more at:


#penguicon #penguicon2021

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Hey there #pixelartists

I am working on a FramaWorld WorkAdventureMap (8bit world) but I am not good in drawing.
Anyone here who want to help me with the 8bit graphics? If yes, please DM me.

Thanks for sharing :)

☁️Flying Above The Clouds
(A workflow test on first panel of future episode 35)

🐧 I'm one of the Guest of Honor at Penguicon 2021! 🎉 I'll participate to talks and I'll also give a Krita workshop. You can find more information here: davidrevoy.com/article834/peng

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This week in KDE: Offline updates in Neon become optional, Gwenview gets a speed-up, and Okular's website gets a spectacular makeover:


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So, i heard you like comics and other books, with some links in them that you can choose, between different bits of those adventures, so they kind of become your own? Oh, you like choosing your own adventure? Well, do i have an exciting blog post for you! ;) kath-leinir.blogspot.com/2021/ @kde #floss

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This is just a feeler for now, but would people be interested in helping organize a Free Culture conference online?

If so, could you drop me a line?

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WIP of my current project: fanart of the delightful Pepper & Carrot by @davidrevoy
I'm attempting to translate to 3d an illustration I made some time ago (it can be found here: artstation.com/artwork/lVnkge)

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From PepperChaos

YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!! Please subscribe for more unbeliveable content! <3


Last day of production for Pepper&Carrot episode 34; I still have a lot of work to do on it, but its release date is planed for tomorrow! 🎉 Here is a happy Shichimi:


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