I put that here: redbubble.com/shop/ap/89652762 (for those who still likes to buy real objects, and support the artist. 😉 )

Do not buy NFT made with my art.
Do not make NFT with my Creative-Commons artworks.
If you respect my art, remember and apply this.

Here is my article about what just happened: davidrevoy.com/article864/drea

ℹ️ Need help for a Free/Libre driver:
→ You live around Seattle city, Washington State (Not D.C) in the USA
→ You own a Artist 24 Pro
Splendid! Can you lend your device to dev Kurikaesu? contact here: github.com/DIGImend/digimend-k
(Few chances it happens, but let's try).

David Revoy a partagé

Got to use a couple of my new Pepper and Carrot postcards to demonstrate encryption for my password manager presentation at Kieler Linux Tage just now

The conference is going on for the rest of the day EU time, mostly in German


( the P&C masks haven't yet come in )


#PepperCarrot #LibreGraphics #FLOSSconf #FLOSSevent #KLT #KLT2021 #BigBlueButton

...and I'm reverting my setup.
It happened while editing last video; it was too tedious with previous setup. I found a way to make my new setup hybrid, but I keep mainly the first position. I'm definitely a non-display tablet person, but I need a yearly reminder about it. 😉

Monday morning news: the IP range filter I made yesterday for my PluXML blog successfully caught a new comment from this author. The comment moved directly offline into a moderation queue only visible by me.

So I'm happy 🙂 It works (at least on time in real situation), that's rewarding and I hope it will continue (and discourage this author to post).

Thanks you all again for your positive words, virtual hugs and feedback yesterday 🤗

Afficher le fil de discussion

So, apparently: sharing brushes, tutorials and comic for free on the Internet will also get you death threats. I receive a lot of them right now (attachement, this morning).

Problem: my CMS Pluxml only shows IP adresses in admin. It has no other tools to take actions in case certains IP range detected (eg. put the comment offline and in a moderation queue).

So, I spent sunday coding my own system for that with as usual a nested set of yak shaving action.

Now I want my sunday back, please?

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I shall never forgive W3C for trading b for strong and i for em.

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Pepper and Carrot and other @davidrevoy arts are on RedBubble, including new mask options


There's a 20% for a couple days ( or you can buy many items most of the time and get discounts, e.g. 4 masks for 20% off )

RedBubble responsibly does the discount itself without eating into David's cut

Did I mention masks? The Tea Prank looks great. There's also the P&C logo and others

And check The Treasure for new art




David Revoy a partagé
David Revoy a partagé

My latest illustration "The treasure" is now available on my Redbubble page in case you want it printed on a mouse pad, sticker, laptop skin, postcard, art-print, etc...
I'm earning 20% of the retail price on them, so your shopping basket will support my work.


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Waiting For #UNLOCK...

Some school buses parked since start of the pandemic near my house. Its been a while since children saw school.
Instead of a landscape I thought why not paint some vehicles, so I did this outdoor study.

The timelapse of the process can be viewed here - youtu.be/DGyQHb4vCV0

✨ The Treasure
Source, layers and high resolution: peppercarrot.com/en/viewer/art
Thanks all for suggesting purple color for the dragon, it was a good choice.

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Btw, here is the desk setup I'm testing right now. I'm trying replace the feeling "I'll sit in front a computer all day long...😔" with "I'll sit in front a digital drawing board all day long!😀". Inclination of the tablet and keyboard placement was important. So far, so good! 👍


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