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Just received a gift: a Intuos Pro Large from Wacom. They plan to reuse on their blog some of my illustrations/tutorials (eg. on tablet ergonomics). They wanted to thanks me because all my content was already available for free on my blog under Creative Commons CC-By ☺️ So cool!

Episode 37: The Tears of the Phoenix [3/3]

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Two-page spread from "Shan Shan and Ms. Water Monitor", which is planned as the first book of the "Growing Up with Shan Shan" children's book series

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #ChildrensBook #GrowingUpWithShanShan #ShanShanAndMsWaterMonitor #和珊珊一起成长 #珊珊和四脚蛇小姐

Painted in #Krita

The release of the next episode is planned for this week.🙂 Here is a Sketch VS Final of a panel

David Revoy a partagé

🇫🇷 Comme d'hab on ne peut qu'être émerveillés par les illustrations du #framablog par @davidrevoy

🇬🇧 As always we can only be amazed at the illustrations by @davidrevoy in the #framablog

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[Nouvel article] Tac au Tux Live 01

Voici le replay de notre petite soirée « dessin collaboratif » d'hier avec @peha @odysseus_libre et @davidrevoy !

📽️Livestream (in French)
This evening 20h00 Paris Timezone, I'll share a collaborative drawing with @peha , @odysseus_libre and @gee . We'll draw and paint while talking using Drawpile.

⏩ You can assist to the event and chat on Peertube here:

Enclose and Fill Tool
A feature made by Deif Lou and coming soon in Krita 5.1

David Revoy a partagé

Last Pepper&Carrot signing session of the season: at Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val, bookstore "Le Tracteur Savant", Sunday 10 July, 10h to 12h30.

Here is a quick painting about this beautiful place:

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I forgot to show you something that many users will praise: the new HSV color selector of 5.1(beta1), it can be activated on the "Specific Color Selector" docker. 🎨

David Revoy a partagé

Our team is working at the studio on new episode of #peppercarrot motion comic. Just a reminder that Episode 3 is almost ready and you can get your name in credits -

🤩 Layer indentation! That's another cool option I discover in this 5.1(beta1). Now I can finally read the names of my layers in my sub-sub-groups 😆

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