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David Revoy a partagé
David Revoy a partagé

Already 100+ PeerTube instances and close to 10 000 videos!
PeerTube has proven it works, now let's develop this video-tube alternative to its v1!
Learn more:

David Revoy a partagé
David Revoy a partagé

This needed more precision and more planning in the early stage instead of no planning at all. ^^`
#krita #inkscape #gmic #art

David Revoy a partagé

Are you currently looking at a bland desktop? Is your wallpaper uninspiring? Do your eyes crave something other than the default desktop wallpaper?

If you have a computer capable of displaying wallpaper you owe it to your pixels to check out

@davidrevoy has some amazing artwork up there that is just waiting to grace your desktop / background.

Only you can prevent bland desktops.


David Revoy a partagé

@jordyd @CountZero

Hi, Pixel art multiview setup in :

1. Activate Subwindows mode in the settings instead of tabs (in General Windows). Then restart Krita.
2. In Windows > New view > (your file) , open as many new view, and do Windows > Tile.

Example with three viewport of same document at various zoom level :

David Revoy a partagé

Peertube is opening a worldwide paticipative funding! :)

For those who don't know yet it is a decentralized and opensource youtube alternative developped by @Chocobozzz and supported by @Framasoft

More info here :

The campain is here :

Do not hesitate to share :)

David Revoy a partagé

@davidrevoy And the peertube link:
Note that you can also subscribe to the peertube channel from mastodon thanks to the latest peertube upgrade: @shichimi

🎦 New video tutorial with tips to paint over 3D mock-up:

(note: Peertube link soon; check replies of this toot)

David Revoy a partagé

And our 2018 sprint is over! We've been productive, and we've had fun:

📷 I joined Krita Sprint 2018 in Deventer (Netherlands)! Here is a picture with all participants+nicknames. All discussions, debates, demoing bugs, etc... are so much faster when we are all on the same room! We have good time. 🙂

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